2015 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit

The 2015 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit Proceedings is a compilation of video recordings of presentations delivered March 25–26, 2015 at the Esri Conference Center in Redlands, California. Want to learn more about this event? Contact

Title Media Presenter
Welcome & Opening Remarks Video Chris Cappelli
Health & GIS Video
Este Geraghty
Becoming Fireproof: How to Think Like a Firefighter Video Steve Rivero
2015 Technology Trends in Government - panel discussion Video Este Geraghty, Steve Rivero
GIS is the Foundation for Innovation Video Chris Cappelli
Configuring for Agility: A Strategy for Quickly Launching Sustainable Apps Video
Christian Carolson, Scott Oppmann, Nikki Golding
Supporting a Mobile Workforce Video
Phil Mielke, Jeremiah Lindermann
ArcGIS for Developers Video
Euan Cameron
Big Data: Big Maps Video Sud Menon
The Innovating Organization - panel discussion Video Maria MacGunigal, Abhi Nemani, Chris Dermody
Welcome Back Video Chris Cappelli
The Next Big Thing in Government Innovation - panel discussion Video Clarence Anthony, Bert Jarreau, Alan Shark
Extending a Piece of Government to Your Constituents Video
Bernard Szukalski
How Open Data Changes Your Dialogue With Your Constituents - panel discussion Video Twyla McDermott, Tom Mullen
Responsive Government Video Adam Mollenkopf
Innovation Tools: Developer Resources for Inside and Outside Your Organization Video Jim Barry
Build Your Smart Community Today Video
Brenda Wolfe
Q & A Video Jack Dangermond