Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Using OpenLayers with ArcGIS Server REST API

—David A. Howes, Compliance Services International; Jim Barry, Esri

As was widely recognized at the 2008 Developer Summit, a large proportion of the Esri customer base consists of GIS users and developers who work on their own or in small groups. The Lone GIS Professional Initiative was established to bring these professionals together to help them help each other be more successful. With a strong appreciation of their common professional situation coupled with their diverse experience in GIS and a variety of other specialties, members from various parts of the world communicate on a regular basis online and at events such as this one to make new professional connections and work more effectively. This Special Interest Group meeting provides an opportunity for existing members to discuss the progress and direction of the initiative and for other attendees to learn about how they may benefit from and contribute to its activities.

Prerequisites: None

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