Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Custom Raster Format Support in ArcGIS through GDAL

—Eric Bader, Steven Rozic

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ArcGIS Engine offers a complete solution for building GIS applications with Java. The product contains a rich set of software components and an accompanying software developer kit (SDK) that Java developers can use to build many different specialized desktop or embedded applications. The ArcGIS Engine SDK for Java includes a number of tutorials for getting started, migration documents, and how-to help topics as well as a set of integrated Eclipse tools that enable developers to be more productive with everyday programming tasks. This session will introduce ArcGIS Engine programming techniques to Java developers and illustrate some real-world application case studies including multithreaded ArcGIS Engine applications, applying best practices for Swing and ArcObjects programming, and dynamic display of geographic data.

Prerequisites: ArcObjects, Java

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