Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Enhancing Your Applications with ArcGIS Online

—Deane Kensok

View the slides [PDF]
Listen and view the presentation [FLASH]

ArcGIS Online offers a family of Web-based content and services that enhance and extend the ArcGIS user experience. ArcGIS Online services support functions such as mapping, geocoding, routing, and reporting. In this session, developers will learn how to access and utilize ArcGIS Online services to enhance their applications. ArcGIS Online offers click-to-add content services as well as source data retrieval to enrich ArcGIS applications. It also provides task services, such as geocoding and routing, which users can execute directly from ArcGIS applications or from custom Web applications. This session will describe and demonstrate what services are currently available and how they can be used in your ArcGIS software-based applications.

Prerequisites: None

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