Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Programming and Design Patterns for ArcPad

—Jian Lange

View the slides [PDF]
Listen and view the presentation [FLASH]

ArcPad is an out-of-the-box, complete mobile GIS solution that provides extensive customization and development capabilities. This session will show attendees how to use ArcPad Studio (included with the ArcPad 8 release) to customize the field users experience (toolbars, data entry forms and validation, and query forms) with little or no programming. The session will also emphasize some of the new development capabilities available in ArcPad including field data synchronization with ArcGIS Server and working with ArcPad AXF files (based on Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition), which provide tight integration with geodatabases. In addition, through code samples and demonstrations, developers will learn how to integrate ArcPad with .NET applications, Internet technologies, and hardware devices. Approaches for debugging custom applications and preparing enterprise data for ArcPad will also be discussed.

Prerequisites: .NET, scripting, SQL

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