Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Top 10 How-tos for the ArcGIS Server .NET ADF

—Jian Huang, Undral Batsukh

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The ArcGIS Server .NET Web ADF provides an extensible developer framework and a rich set of software components that can be used to build applications for the Web. Most developers want to customize and extend these components further to provide specific application functionality and behavior. Based on feedback from Esri Support Services, this session will highlight the top 10 most frequently asked how-to questions from the developer community. The session will also provide a number of tips, tricks, and best practices that illustrate how to accomplish these tasks. Some of the common tasks include how to customize callout MapTips, create thematic maps, create and customize context menus, implement AJAX, and integrate Dojo components.

Prerequisites: ASP.NET, .NET Web ADF

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