Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Building Great Web Maps Using ArcGIS

—Bernie Szukalski, Clint Brown

View the slides [PDF]
Listen and view the presentation [FLASH]

GIS continues to grow as the Web expands. New consumer mapping technology, such as Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth, has captured many peoples imaginations and is influencing end-user expectations for Web maps provided by the GIS user community. Meanwhile, GIS communities are buzzing about Web 2.0 and, more specifically, the GeoWeb. Many GIS practitioners see big opportunities, but they also see many challenges. The goal of this session is to present lessons learned and best practices for publishing Web maps using ArcGIS. New approaches make it possible for any ArcGIS user to create great looking Web maps. In this session, you will learn how to use ArcGIS to create multiscale basemaps, build map overlays, define map layers that provide information popups and interactive reports, create great cartography for use in your Web maps, and deploy using ArcGIS Explorer and the ArcGIS Server Flex API. Deploying to Web maps such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Earth, and ArcGIS Online will also be discussed. This session targets all levels of expertise and all audiences (managers, GIS professionals, IT/developers).

Prerequisites: None

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