Esri Proceedings

2009 Developer Summit

Customization with the ArcGIS Server Image Extension

—Feroz Abdul Kadar, Prashant Mangtani

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The ArcGIS Server Image extension (formerly known as ArcGIS Image Server) is used to author and serve large collections of raster data as image services, thereby providing fast access to and visualization of large quantities of imagery. It can be used on its own or as the image extension to ArcGIS Server. This session will cover how to add a custom raster type or raster format and a custom process. Through code samples, developers will learn the requirements for creating a custom raster format and steps to create a custom raster type that reads a raster format and its metadata as well as georeferencing data. Plus, learn what is necessary when creating a C or C++ DLL that can be used as a process. See how to define the process, how to define the user interface, and how to add it automatically using a raster type.

Prerequisites: Raster file formats, ArcGIS Image Server, C++

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