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2010 Esri Education User Conference Proceedings

The Esri Education User Conference (EdUC) provides a forum for members of the education community to come together and share their GIS experiences and knowledge. Here you will find copies of papers given by EdUC attendees on topics including administration and planning, designing curriculum and degree programs, using GIS in libraries and museums, community projects and partnerships, education research and teacher education, and teaching with GIS. We hope that you will benefit from reading these papers as you apply what you learned at the EdUC to your own work.

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Title Presenter Files
Getting Started with ArcGIS Server Geri Pepe AGServer
Map Layout and Cartographic Design with ArcMap Jorge Ruiz-Valdepena MAPS
What's New in ArcGIS 10 Desktop Beth Guse What's New in 10 - Desktop
What's New in 10 - Desktop Raster
Creating Web Maps Using ArcGIS Web APIs Jian Huang Creating Web Maps
Working with the Geodatabase Data Template Carl Byers Working with the Geodatabase data template
Teaching with Web GIS Joseph Kerski Teaching with WebGIS
Using Animation and New Time Tools in ArcGIS 10 Colin Childs Animations
Animations - Finished Examples
Using Python in ArcGIS Jorge Ruiz-Valdepena Python
Using ArcGIS Online Sharing to Locate and Contribute GIS Resources Ben Ramseth ArcGIS Online
Analyzing and Using Raster Data Jorge Ruiz-Valdepena Raster GDB
Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) with ArcGIS Joseph Kerski Teaching Science Technology Engineering and Math with GIS
Editing in ArcGIS Colin Childs Edit 10
Exploring GIS Analysis Methods and Geoprocessing Tools Jorge Ruiz-Valdepena Methodology
Incorporating GPS into GIS Jason Chanin GPS to GIS
Working with Spatial Statistics Lauren Scott & Lauren Rosenshein Pattern Analysis
Regression Analysis Basics Lauren Scott & Lauren Rosenshein Regression Exercise
Exercise Workbook (all exercises, no data) No Presenter EDUC2010 Exercises