2017 Education GIS Conference Proceedings

The Education GIS Conference (EdUC) provides a forum for members of the education community to come together and share their GIS experiences and knowledge. Here you will find copies of papers given by EdUC attendees on various topics in San Diego, California. We hope that you will benefit from reading these papers as you apply what you learned at the EdUC to your own work.

Title Presentation Author Session
Addressing Employment through ArcGIS Apps Presentation Thomas Ray, Cynthia Cortes-Islas, Itzayana Pedro-Islas Lightning Talk
GeoTech Drone Camp: Exploring Geospatial Careers with Youth   Dr. Shannon White Lightning Talk
Teenagers Use GIS to Make a Difference Presentation Elizabeth Sutphin, Amanda Huggins Lightning Talk
GIS: Empowering Me to Impact My Community and Become a Better Leader Presentation Austin Ramsey Lightning Talk
4-H National Youth Science Day 2016 - Drone Discovery Presentation Chip Malone, Sean Flynn Lightning Talk
Social Media and Big Data for Better Geospatial Teaching and Learning Presentation Mehrdad Koohikamali, James Pick Lightning Talk
A New Textbook Paradigm for Geospatial Data and Technologies   Christopher Bone, Dr. Amy Lobben Lightning Talk
Learning Outcomes in Live versus Online GIS Lectures Presentation Jeff Howarth Lightning Talk
Integration of GIS with 3D Printing and MakerSpace: A Fun Approach Presentation Helenmary Hotz Lightning Talk
Community-based GIS Internships for Michigan High School Students Presentation Allison Hoff Lightning Talk
Enlightening English Language Arts with GeoInquiries and Storymaps Presentation Barbaree Duke Lightning Talk
GIS and Integrated Social Sciences: Empowering Adult Learners   Sheila Steinberg, Andrea R. Munro, Dr. Jennifer Murphy Lightning Talk
Storymaps and the Classroom   Andrea Kamradt, Alissa Blackburn Lightning Talk
Thinking Spatially, in Our Digital World: GIS&T in General Education Presentation Michaela Truman, David Maxwell Lightning Talk
Homeless Missions Operation App Helping Those In Need Presentation Lori Schlueter Lightning Talk
Esri Educational Enrichment for Environmental Conservation Studies Presentation Kathryn deVenecia Lightning Talk
Using Storymaps to Promote Quality Expanded & Summer Learning Programs Presentation John Duran, Dennis Warman, James Martinez Lightning Talk
Maintaining & Developing Ever Changing Transportation Networks   Lavanya Vasudevan, James Vincent Walker, Cindy Castaneda Lightning Talk
GIS in Post Disaster Impact Assessment and Planning by Garland ISD Presentation James Walker Lightning Talk
Advancing GIS across the Enterprise: From Floor Plans to Emergencies Presentation Jess Hudson Lightning Talk
Promoting Educational Justice with a Spatial Thinking Intervention Presentation Steven Moore, Julieta Perez Lightning Talk
Your Brain on GIS? Research on Students' Spatial Thinking Skills Presentation Bob Kolvoord Lightning Talk
Remote Sensing Applications in Learning and Neuroscience Presentation Alex Lowry Lightning Talk
Identifying Geospatial Knowledge Gaps Presentation Ann Johnson Lightning Talk
Motivating the Unmotivated; Exciting Students with GIS Presentation Stephen Fedor, Jon Little Lightning Talk
Go GeoWild with Pokemon Go! Using Geospatial Technologies to Learn Presentation Karen Guerrero Lightning Talk
Scientific Literacy with Webapps in Middle Schools in Alfenas, Brazil Presentation Clibson Santos Lightning Talk
Infusion of Location Analytics with Big Data in Business Curricula   Dr. James Pick, Avijit Sarkar, Dr. Hindupur Ramakrishna, Jason Lemus Lightning Talk
GoGeo - Assessing the Educational Needs of the Oil & Gas Industry Presentation Dr. Andrew Klein, Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Ellen Nodwell, Gus Nodwell Lightning Talk
Classroom to Community: Real-Time Competency Development with ArcGIS Presentation Marie Boman-Davis, Ofelia Alvarado Lightning Talk
An Assessment of GIS&T Instructional Trends in Higher Education   Dave Cowen Lightning Talk
Maps in School Planning Presentation Charles Rynerson, Deane Lycan Lightning Talk
High Resolution Base Map: A Case Study of JNTU Hyderabad Campus Presentation Jogu Venkatesh, Dr. Ravi Shankar Dwivedi, Dr. K Manjula Vani, Ballu Harish Lightning Talk
High Resolution Base Map: A Case Study of JNTU Hyderabad Campus Presentation
Jogu Venkatesh, Dr. Ravi Shankar Dwivedi, Dr. K Manjula Vani, Ballu Harish Lightning Talk
Web GIS Based Education Information System - A Case Study of Pakistan Presentation Iftikhar Abbas, Sarah Bangash Lightning Talk
Where Are the Schools and What Their Educational Offer? Presentation Gustavo Luis Moreira Lightning Talk
UC Davis: Where In the World Are We? Presentation Karen Beardsley Lightning Talk
Spare the Intern! A Conversation about Auto-Digitizing Print Maps   Julia Longo, Vishnu Ramachandran, Dr. Colin West Lightning Talk
Places of Rest: Mapping Lives and Deaths in Riverside Cemetery Presentation Michael McRivette, Allison Harnish Lightning Talk
Mapping Family Migration Patterns with ArcGIS Presentation April Lance Lightning Talk
Archaeology and GIS: Trails of the Past Pave the Way to the Future Presentation Sam Kirkley, Courtney Agenten Lightning Talk
Paper Maps: Converting Potential "Rats Nests" to Powerful "Assets" Presentation Fred Cruger Lightning Talk
Business Partners Supporting Student Career Academies with ArcGIS Presentation Alicia Pressel Lightning Talk
Taking the ArcGIS Desktop Entry Certification Exam in High School   Richard McClellan, Anthony Dowell Lightning Talk
GIS and the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Meeting Future Needs Presentation Shannon Doyle Lightning Talk
Earth SySTEM, GLOBE & Geospatial Reasoning Presentation Michael Jabot, John Moore, Peter Dorofy Lightning Talk
Engaging Students in Local to Global Contexts with an Online Atlas Presentation Margo Berendsen, Dr Jeff Hamerlinck Lightning Talk
Engaging Students in Local to Global Contexts with an Online Atlas Presentation
Margo Berendsen, Dr Jeff Hamerlinck Lightning Talk
ArcGIS Online and the Professional Development of Primary and Secondary Teachers Presentation Jeff Lash Lightning Talk
Developing Online ArcGIS Training for Multiple User Groups Presentation Andrew Wilcox Lightning Talk
Streamlining Your AGO Org Account Managment with Python   Matthew Flewelling Lightning Talk
Connecting ArcGIS Online and Learning Management Systems   Peter Knoop, Len Kne, Mark Lindberg, Brittany Krzyzanowski Lightning Talk
Using Service-Learning to Enhance GIS Learning and Help Communities Presentation Ziying Jian Lightning Talk
The Design Challenge: A Day-Long Mapping Workshop for Creativity Presentation Tanya Buckingham, Robert Roth Lightning Talk
Service-Learning Success: Benefits of Partnering for GIS Education   Sally Holl Lightning Talk
Creating a Neighborhood Assets Standalone App with Esri WebApp Builder Presentation Richard Kos, Alicia De Toro, Francisco Lopez Lightning Talk
Places, Spaces, and Voices: StoryMap as Activism Presentation Kelli Gibson, Denise Gallagher Lightning Talk
Service Learning & GIS - a Win-Win!   Nathan Strout Lightning Talk
Mauka to Makai: Mapping for Sustainable Learning Presentation Annika Wilczewski Lightning Talk
Mapping Divided Cities   Warren Haffar Lightning Talk
The Geography Green Schools Project: Promoting Sustainable Development Presentation David Afolayan Lightning Talk
Mapping the Human Right to Water Presentation Charlotte Smith Lightning Talk
PanaMapping: Geodesign to Conserve the Rainforest Presentation David Smith, Daniel Klooster, Dr Steven Moore, Nathan Strout, Michael Joseph Adami, Sarah Lauren Lennon O'Connor, Harrison Cannon, Meera Srinath Lightning Talk
MOOC for Local GeoExperts-How to Empower Citizen Engagement with GIS   Richard Resl, Karl Atzmantorfer, Leonardo Zurita, Marcelo Landivar Lightning Talk
High School Expansion of GIS through Science Presentation Erik Bushland Lightning Talk
Children Mapping Connections: Mississippi River Water Journey Camps Presentation Jonee Brigham Lightning Talk
The Great Lakes Ecosystem and GIS Presentation Angelia Mahone, Dr. Al Lewandowski Lightning Talk
Evaluating the Cognitive Domain in Digital Cartography Presentation
Jared Ware Lightning Talk
Implementing Inquiry-based Learning in D2L GIS Certificate Courses Presentation Yi Shi, Dr. Grant Gunn Lightning Talk
Teaching GIS Skills with No Teaching At All Presentation Frannie Miller Lightning Talk
Reviving GIS at Clark Atlanta University Presentation Emeline Renz Lightning Talk
Helping Diverse School District Plan for the Future Presentation Lauren Ledesma Lightning Talk
Getting Students Involved in GIS - Who Knew Security Would be the Way Presentation Carol Crutchfield Lightning Talk
Using GIS to Combat Poverty in the Dallas MSA Presentation Daniela Ramirez Lightning Talk
SBCSS Education Data Portal for Engagement & Enhanced Decision Making Presentation Ted Alejandre, Barbara Alejandre, James Martinez Lightning Talk
Improving Education Systems with Specific People in Specific Places Presentation Trent Sharp, Christina Phang Lightning Talk
Chicago Public Schools - Summer Student Allocation Presentation William Harris, Adam Jentleson Lightning Talk
Ferguson/Lindenwood Housing Survey Phase 1 Presentation Tara Vansell, Eric James Button Lightning Talk
Learning to Fly: Teaching Mission Planning & Data Capture using Drones   George McLeod Lightning Talk
The Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE)   Jacki Klancher Lightning Talk
City Engine as a Teaching Tool for Sustainable Urban Development Presentation Elizabeth Scott Lightning Talk
Neighborhood Influences on School Performance   Andrew McDonagh Lightning Talk
Best Practices: Embed an Esri MOOC into Your Course Presentation Adena Schutzberg Technical Workshop
Compelling Cartography with ArcGIS Presentation Garrett McKinney Technical Workshop
Data Management with ArcGIS Pro   Ann Masangcay, Keera Morrish Computer Lab
Data Management with ArcGIS Pro   Ben Ramseth, Keith VanGraafeiland Computer Lab
Explore Esri Training Resources for Educators Presentation Laura Bowden Technical Workshop
Exploring Web GIS Presentation Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Geo Apps: Modern Day GIS Presentation
Ann Masangcay, Garrett McKinney Computer Lab
GeoPlanner: The Geodesign Synthesis   Joe Liao Technical Workshop
Implementing ArcGIS Online Across a School System for Decision Makers and Educators   Clint Brown, Kathryn Keranen, Lyn Malone, Mike Wagner Technical Workshop
Incorporating ArcGIS Pro in your Curriculum Presentation Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Information Sharing with ArcGIS Pro Presentation
Keera Morrish, Michael Gould Computer Lab
Learn ArcGIS: Real-World, Problem-based Learning Resources for Teaching GIS Presentation Colin Childs, Kyle Bauer Computer Lab
Mobile Field Data Collection with Collector for ArcGIS Presentation
Joseph Kerski, Laura Bowden Computer Lab
Mobile Field Data Collection with Survey 123 Presentation Esther Worker, Joseph Kerski Technical Workshop
Spatial Data Mining Presentation Brett Rose, Ting-Hwan Lee Computer Lab
Supporting Student Success with the ArcGIS Desktop Entry Certification Presentation Jessica Rosales Computer Lab
Taking Stock of Challenges in the GIS Education Community   Angela Lee, David DiBiase Technical Workshop
Telling Your Story with Esri Story Maps: A New Medium for Geography-Based Storytelling Presentation
Ann Masangcay, Joseph Kerski Computer Lab
Using Survey123 for Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Initiatives Presentation Ismael Chivite Technical Workshop
Using the Living Atlas in the Classroom Presentation Drew Stephens, Keith VanGraafeiland Computer Lab
Web GIS Administration: Tips and Tricks Presentation Geri Miller Technical Workshop
Working with Real-Time and Big Data with ArcGIS   Philip Heede Technical Workshop