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EGUG 2009 Presentations

The 2009 EGUG Presentations is a compilation of professional papers delivered October 11–14, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia. Esri users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their presentations on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Title Author Session
Technology Update [PDF] Larry Young, Esri Plenary Session
Esri-SAP Integration for Utilities: GISCONNEX Experience [PDF] Michael Beringer, GISCONNEX User Presentations
How Graphic Representation of Outages at Alabama Power are Made Simple [PDF] Sultan Alhabsi, Alabama Power Company User Presentations
Is Your Geodatabase Ready for Smart Grid? [PDF] Ed Blair, Telvent, Miner, & Miner User Presentations
Pipeline Access Maintenance Modeling (PAMM) [PDF] Curtis Winner, New Mexico Gas Company User Presentations
The Impact of GIS in Economic Development: How Georgia Power Has Harnessed Another Kind of Power to Create Wealth in Georgia [PDF] Jeff DeWitt, Georgia Power User Presentations
How to Develop a Situational Awareness Web Application [PDF] Patrick Dolan and Joe Holubar, Esri Technical Sessions
Improving the Efficiency of the Design and As-Building Workflows [PDF] Tom DeWitte, Esri Utilities Team Technical Sessions
Adding Geotagged Pictures in a GIS [PDF] Paul Schneider, Georgia Power User Presentations
Automated GIS Analysis of Transmission System Faults at TVA [PDF] Theo Laughner, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) User Presentations
Bringing Legacy Databases Back to Life with GIS [PDF] Kelly Clute, Georgia Power User Presentations
ConEd's OneCall and Pipeline Patrol Prevention and Emergency Response [PDF] Jeff Puuri, GL Industrial Services User Presentations
Don't Say Data Model—Locating the Land Mines in Data [PDF] Charles Buck, Greenville Utilities User Presentations
The Evolution of Alabama Power Company's Data Management Center [PDF] Scott Edwards, Alabama Power Company User Presentations
Evaluating GIS for Disaster Management [PDF] Bruce Kinner, Penn State University/Alliant Energy User Presentations
Integrating Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with GIS to Automate Outage Prediction. [PDF] Allen Cousins, Avista Corp User Presentations
Making GIS Effective in Your Organization by Implementing Small, Business-Specific, Inexpensive Web Services Built on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) [PDF] Brett Hauf, APS User Presentations
PJM and GIS: An Innovative Future [PDF] Frank DiCicco, PJM Interconnection User Presentations
Removing Barriers to Data Interoperability with Spatial ETL [PDF] Ryan Cragg, Safe Software User Presentations
Spatial Representation and Analysis of Distribution Outage Information [PDF] Mike Woods, Gulf Power User Presentations
Using GIS to Address DIMP [PDF] Richard Arata, New Century Software, Inc. User Presentations
Utilizing Esri Small Utility ELA to Aid in Gas Operations and DIMP [PDF] Hayden Strickland, Magnolia River Services, Inc. User Presentations
Birds of a Feather for Electric Users [PDF] Mitchell Garnett, Esri Data Model Session
Empower Your QAQC: Tracking, Reporting, and Auditing All Edits In Your GIS [PDF] Skye Perry, SSP Innovations, LLC User Presentations
EPRI-GTC Transmission Line Siting Methodology [PDF] Jesse Glasgow, Photo Science User Presentations
Integrating Esri Maps with the One Call Ticket Management Process [PDF] Jeff Law, KorTerra User Presentations
Integrating SAP with Esri GIS [PDF] Justin Tyler, Pipeline Software, Inc. User Presentations