2013 Esri Federal GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2013 Federal GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered February 25–27, 2013, in Washington, D.C. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

View the Plenary Session and Closing Session videos on Esri Video for presentations and demonstrations by Esri staff, GIS professionals, and Keynote speakers.

Title Presentation Author Organization Session
The ArcGIS Platform
Esri Jeff Peters Technical Session
ArcGIS for the Military: Maritime Operations Presentation
Esri Curt Hammill Jr, John Fry, Lyle Wright Technical Session
Image Data Management in ArcGIS
Esri Kurt Schwoppe, Steve Lambert, Ty Fabling Technical Session
Power of Maps Presentation
Esri Allen Carroll, Ben Conklin, Charlie Frye, Clint Brown, Craig McCabe, Jim Herries Technical Session
ArcGIS: Implementation Patterns for Government Presentation
Esri Daniel OLeary, Paul Ross, Wittaker Mathot Technical Session
ArcGIS for the Military: Land Operations Presentation
Esri Gary Sheppard Jr, Scott Cecilio, Daniel Maso Technical Session
Integration of Two Complementary Enterprise Software Solutions: Business Intelligence (BI) and GIS Technology in Government Agencies
Esri Evan Caldwell, Kevin Sigwart, Mike Boryski Technical Session
How to Get the Most Trustworthy Answers from Social Media Data
Esri Andrew Turner, Sean Gorman Technical Session
Deploying Portal for ArcGIS Within Your Own Infrastructure Presentation
Esri Daniel OLeary, Paul Ross, Wittaker Mathot Technical Session
Analyzing the Operational Environment Presentation Esri Jo Fraley, Nikki Golding Technical Session
ArcGIS for Intelligence Presentation
Esri Mary Clawson, Suzanne Foss, Matt Funk Technical Session
Integrating Streaming Data with ArcGIS Presentation
Esri Adam Mollenkopf Technical Session
ArcGIS for Military: Analyzing the Operational Environment Presentation
Esri Carolyn Fish, Matt Funk Technical Session
Road Ahead - ArcGIS for Mobile Devices Presentation
Esri David Cardella, Jeff Shaner Technical Session
BigData, NoSQL and Spatial Analysis Presentation
Esri Mansour Raad Technical Session
Considerations in Creating Cross-Platform Mobile GIS Apps
Esri Daniel OLeary Technical Session
Mapping on a SmartPhone Presentation Esri Bonnie Stayer, Tosia Shall Demo Theater Presentation
Creating Custom Feature Services Based on OpenStreetMap Presentation Esri Christine White Demo Theater Presentation
Essential Tips and Tricks for Web Maps Presentation Esri Jim Herries Demo Theater Presentation
Empirical Bayesian Kriging - Using Automatic Kriging to Plan for Worst-Case Scenarios Presentation Esri Nawajish Noman Demo Theater Presentation
What Managers Need to Know about Cloud GIS Presentation Esri Owen Evans Demo Theater Presentation
Esri's User Advocacy Group Presentation Esri Rohit Gupta Demo Theater Presentation
Shortlist: Telling the Story of Your Place Presentation Esri Allen Carroll Lightning Talk
Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module Presentation US Navy/GISi Amy Hrdlicka Lightning Talk
EPA's Emergency Response Common Operating Picture (ER COP) Presentation Weston Solutions Janine Latham Lightning Talk
Five Ways to Improve Your Web Map Now Presentation Esri Jim Herries Lightning Talk
Connecting Workflows: Timely Application of the Right Info Presentation DigitalGlobe John Lucier Lightning Talk
How to get a Civil Engineer to use ArcGIS Online Presentation Dewberry Kenneth Juengling Lightning Talk
Citizen engagement: Doing more with Less Presentation thrdPlace Inc Mike Colosimo Lightning Talk
Activate Your Community Presentation MindMixer Nick Bowden Lightning Talk
Automated Levee Performance Analysis Presentation Fugro Todd Mitchell Lightning Talk
Editing Strategies for Enterprise Geodatabase Presentation Esri Tim Clark Technical Session
Improving the Quality of your GIS Data with ArcGIS Data Reviewer Presentation Esri Amber Bethell, Sherry Fagin Technical Session
Managing Geospatial Content Production with Esri Production Mapping Presentation Esri Amber Bethell, Sherry Fagin Technical Session
ArcGIS and the Cloud - A Management Perspective Presentation Esri Andrew Hendrickson, Marwa Mabrouk Technical Session
Using the Power of Workflows to Manage GIS Operations Presentation Esri Benjamin Schaub, Jeremy Mirmelstein Technical Session
ArcGIS for Mobile Devices: An Overview Presentation Esri Bonnie Stayer, Jeff Shaner Technical Session
Getting Started with ArcGIS Online in Your Organization Presentation Esri Bonnie Stayer, Paul Ross Technical Session
3D Content Creation and Sharing Session for 3D Scenes: Cities, Structures, and Terrain Presentation Esri Brady Hoak, Thomas Oaks Technical Session
Mapping for the Non-GIS Staff in Your Agency Presentation Esri Charmel Menzel, Evan Caldwell Technical Session
ArcGIS for Server - An Introduction Presentation Esri Charmel Menzel, Ken Gorton Technical Session
ArcGIS - Putting It All Together Presentation Esri Charmel Menzel, Nikki Golding Technical Session
Using netCDF and HDF Data in ArcGIS Presentation Esri Dan Zimble, Kevin Sigwart, Nawajish Noman Technical Session
Creating Web Applications with ArcGIS Presentation Esri Darren Baird, Jo Fraley Technical Session
Sharing Tradecraft with Geoprocessing Services Presentation Esri Darren Baird, Suzanne Foss Technical Session
Getting Started with the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs Presentation Esri David Cardella, Jeff Shaner Technical Session
ArcGIS API for JavaScript - Introduction Presentation Esri Evan Caldwell, James Tedrick Technical Session
ArcGIS API for JavaScript - Advanced Presentation Esri Gary Sheppard Jr, James Tedrick Technical Session
Building Stand-Alone Applications with ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for WPF and Java Presentation Esri Gary Sheppard Jr, Jo Fraley Technical Session
Using Imagery for Intelligence Analysis Presentation Esri James Michel III, Renee Bernstein Technical Session
Enhancing Delivery of Web Maps with Application Templates Presentation Esri James Tedrick, Owen Evans Technical Session
ArcGIS for Emergency Management Presentation Esri Jeff Baranyi, Ryan Lanclos Technical Session
ArcGIS and Flex Web Applications Presentation Esri Kevin Deege Technical Session
Understanding ArcGIS Deployments in Public and Private Clouds Presentation Esri Marwa Mabrouk Technical Session
Creating a Staff Development Plan with Esri Presentation Esri Michael Green Technical Session
ArcGIS Cloud Security Roadmap and Best Practices for Federal Agencies Presentation Esri Michael Young Technical Session
Getting Started - An Introduction to Geodatabases Presentation Esri Ralph Denkenberger Technical Session
Geocoding Techniques and Options for US and International Locations Presentation Esri Thomas Oaks, Tosia Shall Technical Session
The National Pipeline Mapping System: Managing a large GIS dataset with custom tools for attribute assignment and change detection Presentation US DOT PHMSA Amy Nelson User Presentation
Precision Roadway Feature Mapping Presentation Univ of California, Riverside Jay Farrell User Presentation
All Roads Network Requirements and Implementation Presentation FHWA Thomas Roff User Presentation
EPA Region 1 Emergency Response Mapping Applications Presentation Vistronix, Inc./ EPA Region 1 Gordon Hamilton User Presentation
Superstorm Sandy Impact Assessments with CZMIL Presentation U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/JALBTCX Charlene Sylvester User Presentation
GIS Analysis USFS Region 5 Fire & Aviation Management 2013 Presentation U.S. Forest Service Lorri Peltz-Lewis User Presentation
RAPID - a Stream Shade Assessment Model Presentation U.S. Forest Service David Stockdale User Presentation
Conversion of Tabular Stream Survey Data for Spatial Display Presentation U.S. Forest Service David Stockdale User Presentation
GIS Prototype to Production in an Enterprise Federal IT Environment Presentation Food and Drug Administration / CFSAN Kathleen Cheeseman User Presentation
US Navy CNIC Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Program Presentation US Navy Sandrine Schultz User Presentation
Making paper last longer by using GIS for facilities management Presentation Maryland State Archives Tim Baker User Presentation
Using GIS to protect the National Airspace System (NAS) Presentation OST, Inc. Surya Kanchiraju User Presentation
Mapping Aid Effectiveness and Transparency Presentation Development Gateway Christian Peratsakis User Presentation
U.S. Government Uses GIS Tools to Open and Map Data Presentation USAID Donald Ben Swartley, Stephanie Grosser User Presentation
Field Asset Management Solutions Within a Thriving Downtown BID Presentation Downtown DC Business Improvement District Blake Holub Tim Abdella User Presentation
National Forest Travel Management Supported By Georeferenced PDFs On iOS Presentation USDA-Forest Service Carl Beyerhelm User Presentation
Leveraging the use of GIS among Child Welfare Professionals Presentation National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology Kathryn Kulbicki User Presentation
Leveraging Geospatial Web Platforms to Advance the Organization Presentation Veterans Health Administration Kevin Willis User Presentation
Benefits of a Multi-User Versioned Editing Environment with Replication to Webservices Presentation Northrop Grumman Brooks Wilson User Presentation
Census and USGS: Bringing Improved TIGER to The National Map Presentation USGS Dick Vraga User Presentation
Creating an NIH-wide Geospatial Data Infrastructure Presentation Westat David Stinchcomb User Presentation
MS4 Drainage Basin Analysis using Virginia's updated National Hydrography Dataset Presentation JMT Technology Group Tim Abdella User Presentation

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