2011 Esri Forestry GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2011 Forestry GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered in Redlands, CA. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Title Presentation Author Session
Estimating Biomass Availability on National Forests Paper Bo Wilmer Breakout Sessions
How Planners and Managers Can Get the GIS Products You Want and Need Paper Brad Weigle Breakout Sessions
Using Imagery and LiDAR for Cost Effective Mapping and Analysis Paper Mark Meade Breakout Sessions
Quantifying Spatial Constraints for Geospatial Forecasts of Privat Sector Timble Supply Paper Avril Whelan Breakout Sessions
Use of GIS in Hurricane Planning and Preparedness Paper Pete Bettinger Breakout Sessions
Using Lidar and ArcGIS to Predict Forest Inventory Variables Paper Kevin Lim Breakout Sessions
Leveraging New GI Technologies to Support the Enterprise Paper Morag Hawkins Charlie Coley Breakout Sessions
A COTS Approach to Implementing Forest Management Systems Paper Mark Williams Scot McQueen Breakout Sessions
Improving Forest Inventory and Analysis Paper Patrick Wong Breakout Sessions
Managing Environmental Liabilities: From Data to Remediation Paper Scot McQueen Breakout Sessions
Developing a Map Based Scoring System to Quantify Wildfire Mitigation Efforts Paper Nils Babel Breakout Sessions
Deploying AGS Apps for Forestry & Wildfire Risk Awareness Paper David Buckley Dave Bouwman Deploying ArcGIS Server
Future Directions of GIS in Forestry Paper Joseph K. Berry David Buckley Opening Plenary
Esri, SAF, and the Potential of Forest Management Paper Michael Goergen Keynote
High Accuracy GIS Data Collection Using Current GPS Technologies Paper Kevin Brown Breakout Sessions
Comprehensive Forest Management Paper James E. Hubbard Keynote
Predicting stemwood biomass productionof Pinus spp. Paper Jose Alvarez Breakout Sessions
Change Matters Paper Kass Green Opening Plenary
Now that you have LiDAR Data, what do you do with it? Paper Kent Galloway Breakout Sessions
Critigen: Turning natural resource data into information Paper Bo Wilmer Lightning Talk
Rapid Deployment of Geo-Tagged Photos and Reference Data Paper Garet Couch Lightning Talk
How to Simplify and Leverage Forest Inventory Data Management Paper Mark Milligan Lightning Talk
Advanced Forest Resource Inventory Decision Support System Paper Kevin Lim Lightning Talk
Handle Anything You Might Encounter in the Field Paper Laser Tech Lightning Talk
Integration & Collaboration Paper Mark Meade Lightning Talk
GIS Application for Accessing Timber Supply Forecast Paper Nemesova Lightning Talk
ArcGIS Server supports the distribution and spatial management of the Recreational License Management System (RLMS) Paper Clarence Neese Lightning Talk
Operations Research: The Vital Profession Paper Doug Jones Lightning Talk
Understanding LiDAR and Real World Applications Paper Mark Meade Breakout Sessions
Peace In Timber Country: Sustainable Forests in a Perpetual Business Paper Neal Ewald Opening Plenary
Due Diligence for Land Transactions with the Orbis LITASsm Paper Clarence Neese Breakout Sessions
Strategic Clarity for SAF Paper Michael Goergen Plenary
Esri PCI MDA Rapideye Joint Imagery Grant Program Paper Kevin Jones Paper Sessions

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