2017 Esri GeoConX Conference

The Esri GeoConX Conference is the combination of the Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) and Telecommunications User Group (TelUG). This event allows attendees to share their successes across industries, meet industry partners, and build their professional networks.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
So What's it Like to Use the Utility Network?   John Coleman, Duane Holt Network Management I
Esri Utility Network: Migration Experience   Signe Andersen, Marite Vegers Network Management I
A Tale of Two Cities' Electric Distribution Modeling Solutions Presentation Jessica Viera-Atwell Analytics I
EPRI - Data Mining Analytics Initiative - The Power of Data, GIS, and Collaboration   Jared Green, Peter DiSalvo, Ramanj Pamidi, Matt Sheehan Analytics I
Improving the Precision of Mapped Assets using High-Accuracy GPS and Conflation   Robert Marros, Rod Kouba, Wendy Politano Data Enhancement I
Then, How, and Now: DTE Energy's Path for Geospatial Accuracy   Barbara Saunders, Jay Williams, David Coates, Rob Kouba Data Enhancement I
Machine Assisted GIS Design Presentation Tim Sherman, Kyle Siniard Telecom I
Using UAV's to Create Planning Maps   Mike George, Eric Gakstatter Telecom I
A First Look at Implementing the Utility Network   Megan Campe, Juul Dijkstra Network Management II
Understanding the Impact and Value of Esri's Utility Network for Network Management Presentation Anil Jayavarapu, Tom Finkhousen Network Management II
Smart Meters to Mobile Workforce: Embracing GIS Integration   Trey Price Analytics II
Transformer Three Card Monte - The Load Management Game   David Miller Analytics II
D2D Sales with Survey123, Operation Dashboard, and Microsoft SSAS Presentation Edward Gause Telecom II
Re-Engineering the Engineering Process with GIS WorkFlow Presentation Bruce Smith Telecom II
MLGW - UPDM & APR Implementation for Gas Transmission   Clarke Wiley, Andrew McColgan Network Management III
Early Adopters of the Gas Utility Network: Are You the Tortoise or the Hare? Presentation Kim Sundeen, Wayne Meyer, Ryan Strobel Network Management III
Enhancing GIS Network Model On-the-Fly to Support Distribution Grid Management Presentation Bryan Davis, Parag Prinkh Analytics III
Using Hyperlinks to Query Feature Documentation (Formerly Data Enhancement) Presentation Kerri Rasmussen Analytics III
Granular GIS Property Data via ArcGIS Enterprise   Matt Karli Telecom III
The Role of Emerging Technology - Panel   Kevin Berrett, Zac Canders Telecom III
LIDAR and NDVI for Vegetation Management   Comfort Manyame Innovation I
Using Feature Rich Applications to Respond to Member Power Outages   Jeremiah Seal Innovation I
Collecting Sales Leads using Collector and ArcGIS Online Presentation Tyler Suda Mobile Data Collection I
Hit the Easy Button: Making Real-Time High-Accuracy GPS Collection Accessible to Construction Crews Presentation Tim Hopper, Danielle Mark Mobile Data Collection I
Transforming Gas Transmission Field Data Collection at PSE&G   Richard Anderson, Keith Hupperts Mobile Data Collection II
Mobile GIS for Gas Operations at The Energy Coop Presentation Jillian Durbin, Jon Fairchild Mobile Data Collection II
Using Imagem's PGR on ArcGIS for regulatory compliance at CPFL.....and beyond Presentation Alexandre Nogueira Aleixo Integration I
Electric GIS Integration at San Carlos Irrigation & Power and Colorado River Agency   Thomas Whitehouse Integration I
Creating Map Services in 1 Minute Presentation Doug Krohn, Rajesh Selvam Innovation II
Mobile Gas Leak Identification Using Vehicle Methane Detection and GIS Presentation Randy Sincoular, Mark Peters Innovation II
Gas Meter Marking in Chicago - Data Collection and Management with ArcGIS Online and FME   David Burke, Vladimir Vojvodic Mobile Data Collection III
Managing Gas Facility Inspections with Workforce for ArcGIS Presentation Todd Burciaga, Vladimir Vojvodic Mobile Data Collection III
Augmenting GIS   David Enns Innovation III
Streamlining the Asset Lifecycle through Systems Integration - ArcGIS, ArcFM Designer and IBM Maximo EAM   Aaron Bowman, Paul Snook Innovation III
Outside of the Box Integrations Presentation Jason Dietrich Integration II
Business Development Enablement via Portal for ArcGIS   Dale Robertson, Will Farmer Integration II
Empower Your Voice Presentation Keith Searles Young Professional Network
Setting Up Your Portal: Getting Started and Best Practices Presentation Hunter West, Joe Marsh Esri Tech Session
Architecting the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Brian Embley, Brian Baldwin Esri Tech Session
Getting Ready for the Utility Network Presentation John Long, Jose Gonzalez Esri Tech Session
Understanding the Utility Network for Gas Presentation Tom DeWitte, Matt Baber Esri Tech Session
Understanding the Utility Network for Electric Presentation John Alsup, Greg Hunt Esri Tech Session
Configuring Esri Apps   Matt Baber, Greg Hunt Esri Tech Session
Understanding ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing for Vertically Integrated Gas Companies Presentation Tom DeWitte, Matt Baber Esri Tech Session
GeoAnalytics and Insights for ArcGIS Presentation Patrick Huls, Brian Baldwin Esri Tech Session