2015 Geodesign Summit Europe

The Geodesign Summit Europe hosts architects, planners, designers, geographers, and landscape architects to discuss how this new way of design can help to mitigate the challenges as our world continues to change in unprecedented ways. These are the presentations they shared at this year's summit.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
Opening Session   Henk Scholten, Josef Strobl Plenary
Opening Session   Ms. Astrid Roessler Plenary
Opening Session Presentation Jack Dangermond Plenary
Geodesign Dynamics for Complex Urban Systems   Carl Steinitz Keynote Presentation
The Latest About Esri's CityEngine and Geoplanner   Brooks Patricks, Rob Matthews, Niels van der Vaart Technical Workshop
CIM CITY-of Gothenburg   Arvid Forsberg, Eric Jeansson Featured Speaker
Minecraft and Citizen Engagement   Eduardo Dias Featured Speaker
A Representational Approach to Problem Solving   Aine Ryan Theory
Urban Reallotment Presentation Annemiek de Moor Theory
Estimating Visibility of Exsisting Landmarks for Urban Planning Presentation Florian Albrecht Cultural Heritage
Are Landscape Archetecture Programmes at German (European) Universities Well Prepared for the Challenge of a Geodesign Education? Presentation Dr. Ulrich Kias Education
Combining Immersion and GIS for Increased Public Engagement   Dr. Anja Jutraz, Julie LeMoine Education
Destructive Impact of Natural Disaster on Minefields, Endangerment - Geodesign Response   Tamara Ivelja, Milan Bajic Disaster Management
Forest Storm Damage and Insurance Losses- A Decision Support System Presentation Gijs van den Dool Disaster Management
A Multi-Layered Safety Approach in a Geodesign Framework   John Steenbrugge Disaster Management
Integrating Planning Support Systems in a European Context   Michele Campagna, Andrea Matta, Matteo Serra Scenarios
Geodesign Apps and 3D Modeling for the City of Cologne   Oezguer Ertac, Joerg Schaller, Cristina Mattos Scenarios
Optimal Land Use Scenario Modeling in ArcGIS Extension Urban Planner Presentation Jaroslav Burian Scenarios
Urban Heat Island   Iris Theunisse Scenarios
Geodesign for Smart Growth Evaluation Using General Indicator Modeling Presentation Mostafa Elfouly, Andreas Donaubauer, Thomas H. Kolbe Land Use
Innovative Spatial Tools for Advanced Planning and Smart Decision - Making   Sebastian Cadus Land Use
A Pictorial Approach to Geodesign: A Case Study for the Lower Zambezi Valley Presentation Ron Janssen Land Use
A Quick Infill Analysis Presentation Julia Reisemann Land Use
Designing Urban Landscape for Sustainability   Malgorzata Luc, Piotr Trzepacz, Hanna Dzierzanowska Breakout Session 8
Concept of the MSc Course in Geodesign at Jagiellonian University, Poland   Malgorzata Luc, Piotr Trzepacz, Hanna Dzierzanowska Breakout Session 8
SoftGIS Approach in Place-Base Research and in Participatory Urban Planning   Maarit Kahila-Tani, Marketta Kyttä Breakout Session 8
Geodesign as a Framework for Regional and Municipal Green Infrastructure Planning   Arancha Muñoz-Criado Keynote Presentation
CityEngine as a Supplementary Planning Tool in Zuerich Presentation Christoph Durban Featured Speaker
Featured Speaker- Josef Strobl   Josef Strobl Featured Speaker
FME Certified Professional   Ulf Mansson Featured Speaker
Break the Silos. Predict the Unpredictable Presentation Thierry de Lumley Scenarios