2016 Esri Geodesign Summit Proceedings

The 2016 Geodesign Summit Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered in Redlands, CA on January 27–28, 2016. Esri users played a fundamental role in the conference by presenting information about using geospatial technologies to arrive at the best and most sustainable design solutions.

Title Presentation Author Session
Geodesign Synthesis Dynamics Presentation Carl Steinitz Featured Presentation
Geodesign as a Framework for Regional and Municipal Green Infrastructure Planning   Arancha Munoz-Criado Featured Presentation
Geodesign Revives the Clean Water Act on Cape Cod   Paul Niedzwiecki Featured Presentation
Redesigning the Los Angeles Region for People and Water Presentation John Tragenberg Featured Presentation
Geodesign, CityEngine, and the different scales of Urban Planning Presentation Devin Lavigne Featured Presentation
Applied Techniques of Land Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign   Iris Pattern Featured Presentation
The Case for Integrative Physical Planning-Can GIS-driven Physical Planning, Urban Design and Housing Strategies Enhance the Efficacy in Sustainable Urban Strategies?   Eui-Sung Yi Featured Presentation
Incorporating GeoDesign Tools and Technology into the Comprehensive Planning Workflows Presentation Robert Kain and David Early Featured Presentation
Conservation by Geodesign: Lessons from Gombe   Lilian Pintea Featured Presentation
Conservation Planning in Global Biodiversity Hotspot Using Geodesign Framework   Preshant Hedao Featured Presentation
Pedagogical Approaches to Geodesign: Teachning Geodesign to Non-Designers Presentation Nader Afzalan Featured Presentation
Establishing a B.S. in Geodesign to Foster Interdisciplinary Collaboration Presentation John Wilson Featured Presentation
Geodesign Education: Reflections on a Collaborative Geodesign Summer Course Presentation Darren Ruddell Featured Presentation
Facilitating Asynchronous Student Team Collaboration in Geodesign Education   David Goldberg Featured Presentation
Integrating 3D into the Site Plan Review Process   Daniel Interrante Lightning Talk
Making the Most of Geodesign in a Tabular World   Micheal Flaxman Lightning Talk
Hide and Seek: Geodesign for Urban View Sheds   Russell Fortmeyer Lightning Talk
Values-Driven Planning and Geodesign: Community Engagement in the 21st Century Presentation David Rouse Lightning Talk
Geodesign and the Urban Agricultural Revolution   Scott Carman Lightning Talk
The Potential for Crowdsourced Photos in the Geodesign Process   Lacey Goldberg Lightning Talk
Identifying and Prioritizing Natural Solutions to Address Water Scarcity   Glen Low Lightning Talk
Sea Level Rise and Resilient Design in Tidal Marsh Restoration Presentation Peter Kobylarz Lightning Talk
Snail Farming in Georgia Presentation Brian Orland Lightning Talk
GIS and Minecraft: Fun Tools for Democratic Geodesign Presentation Dan Ancona Lightning Talk
Applied Use of Geodesign to Enhance Urban Climate Resilience Presentation Corey Pembleton Lightning Talk
Geodesign Feedback Loops: A Case Study in Interative Master Planning Presentation Veronica Anderson Lightning Talk
Recreation Route Planning for Agricultural Landscapes of Yangze Village Presentation Jie He Lightning Talk
Public Space and Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America Presentation Sophia Emperador Lightning Talk
Dynamic Geodesign of Wind Farms Presentation Kees van Loo Lightning Talk
Geodesign and Planning Support Systems for Transportation Corridor Development   Jeffrey Hamerlinck Lightning Talk
Planning for Landscape Resiliency: Coupling Urban Growth Simulations with Landscape Connectivity Models Presentation Ryan Perkl Lightning Talk
Designing the Future of Coastal Georgia with Geodesign Technologies Presentation Alison Smith Lightning Talk