2014 Hazus User Conference

The 2014 Hazus User Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered August 4-6, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Title Presentation Author
Mitigation Planning and ArcGIS Presentation R. Lanclos, Esri
Hazus-MH Natural Hazard Loss Estimation modeling Workshop Presentation K. Mickey, The Polis Center
Hazus Data Inventory Update Presentation M. Bouhafs, Atkins
Building Blocks for Hazus Modernization Presentation D. Bausch, FEMA Region VIII
Hazus Comparison of Storm Surge Levels from Different Hurricanes to the newest SLOSH Models for Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties along the South Carolina Coastline Presentation C. Kaufaman, Dorchester county Emergency Management
Using Hazus for Public Health Impact Analysis Presentation Z. Baccala, Tetra Tech and T. Stephens. MESH Coalition
Economic Risk Assessment using Dasymetric Exposure Distribution of Hazus General Building Stock Inventory Presentation B. McDonald, University of Southern California
Converting Adversary into Opportunity: Rural Housing Project M. A. Ismael, Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Islamabad, Pakistan
Hazus Modernization: Functional Enhancements Presentation D. Bausch, FEMA Region VIII, N. Todorov, Risk MAP CDS, and A. Jackman, Risk MAP CDS
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) - A Partner and Hazus User in the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Program J. Mawby, Dewberry and J. Ruggeri, PE, NJDEP
Hazus and Climate Change - A Historical Construct Presentation S. Croope, DelDOT
IMPLAN Analysis Services API for HAZUS Indirect Economic Effects Presentation G. Alward, IMPLAN
Risk MAP Project Update - Hazus for Puerto Rico J. Mawby, Dewberry, J. Buechler, The Polis Center, Y. Valles Nevares, Puerto Rico Planning Board, and B. Shumon, FEMA Region II
Integrating Observed Hazards To Compare With Predicted Into Utility GIS For Flood Response Capabilities Presentation S. Katehis, University of Southern California
Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for RiskMAP Projects Presentation K. Stone and Amanda Siok, FEMA Region X
Hazus and the Larger Goal: Looking Back at Ten Years of Disaster Mitigation Policy Presentation A. Jackman, Risk MAP CDS
Inclusion of Transportation Assets in Hazus Debris and Damage Assessment, Hazus and Climate Change - A Historical Construct Presentation S. Croope, DelDOT, C. McCoy, FEMA Region III, D. Bausch, FEMA Region VIII, B. Gilbert, DelDOT
Reflecting on an earthquake analysis for a mid-sized urban community in Western Canada Presentation N. Hastings, Natural Resources Canada
Pushing the Limits: Using Hazus to Answer Hard Questions Presentation S. Parson
Statewide Hazus Analysis Presentation K. Ravichandra, The Polis Center
Simulating The Spatiotemporal Patterns Of Building Vulnerability And Content Evacuations Before A Riverine Flood Disaster Presentation S. Hubbard, Univeristy of Wisconson-Madison
Hazus Modernization: Architecture and Proof of Concepts Presentation D. Bausch, FEMA Region VIII and S. Biswas, Risk MAP CDS