2015 Health and Human Services GIS Conference

The 2015 Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference proceedings are a collection of conference presentations illustrating powerful solutions for improving human health across the globe. The conference was held September 14–16, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
Visualizing Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations Using an Interactive, Web-Based Map Presentation Katherine Kendrick, Scott Pritchard, Chris DuClos Public Health Practice
Using an Individualized Activity Prescription and Community Resource Map to Encourage Physical Activity Presentation Christine Mettenbrink Public Health Practice
The Medicare Data Portal & Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Explorer Presentation Jene Grandmont, Michael Topmiller, Mark Carrozza, Paul Maliszewski, Jennifer Rankin New Methods
Using Mean Center Analysis to Identify Fraud and Abuse   Chris McInnish New Methods
The Geography of PEPFAR 3.0 Presentation Nathan Heard, Jennifer Ward Strategic Use of Resources
Geospatial Analyses: Efficient Allocation of Real Property and Human Capital Resources   Brian Holloway Strategic Use of Resources
Exploring the Service Delivery of First Responders in the City of Perrysburg, Ohio Presentation Ian Dunn Improving Service Delivery
Application of GIS to Strengthen Routine Immunization in Urban Areas, Nepal Presentation Pathak Mahesh Improving Service Delivery
Automatic Identification of Cleanliness Activities to Aid with Cognitive Decline   Josh Cherian Chronic Disease Management
Supporting Cancer Prevention Strategies Using Geospatial Analysis   Arthi Rao Chronic Disease Management
Using GIS for Mapping the Sampling Fram for a Trial Presentation Mark Theart Decision Making
Mapping Tree Canopy to Promote Sun Safety Policies on Elementary School Campuses Presentation April Moreno, John Tangenberg, Brian Hilton, June Hilton Environmental Health
Designing the GIS for Predicting Regional Malaria Endemicity in Cambodia Presentation Suguru Okami, Hiroki Kojima, Naohiko Kohtake Service Allocation
Using ArcGIS Server for Organ Allocation Optimization in France Presentation Florian Bayer Service Allocation
Pastors Using GIS to Connect Communities and Business with Resources   Dr. Tim Gillespie, Dr. Martinez, Justin Van Allen Understanding Community Needs
Measuring Social Determinants of Health and Well Being at the Neighborhood Level   Leslie Upledger Ray Understanding Community Needs
beaRTAME: Understanding and Adapting to Late or Missed Appointments in Pediatric Care Presentation Jefferson McMillan Advancing Healthcare
Location Technology: Reduce Late Appointments, Improve Doctor Efficiency   Kaitlyn Thomas Advancing Healthcare
Collaborative Mapping of PM2.5 for Illness Prediction and Prevention   Dan Goldberg Mitigating Environmental Risks
Prioritizing Cooling Tower Testing Using Routes Walked by Legionellosis Cases Presentation David Lucero, Robert Fitzhenry, Keren Landman, Sharon Greene Mitigating Environmental Risks
Uganda Fishing Communities and Spatial Accessibility to HIV Services, 2015   Tony Bogere, Jim Tobias, Stella Alamo Mitigating Environmental Risks
Tobacco Retailer Licensing Education: A Community and University Collaboration Presentation Dr. Marie Boman-Davis, Kimberly Jackson, Kari Moya, Gena Knutson, Irene Linayao-Putman, Community Health
Population Health and the Virginia Atlas of Community Health Presentation Steve Sedlock, Steve Horan, Elizabeth Manghi Community Health
Apply GIS to Implement PSE Approach   Annette Gardner Impacting Policy
Provider Network Adequacy for Managed Care Programs   Chris McInnish Impacting Policy
Developing a GIS-Based Environmental Scan of Alcohol Marketing in Kampala Presentation Dr. Monica Swahn Lightning Talk
Exploring the Impact of the Afforable Care Act on Patient Access Patterns for Community Health Centers   Steve Schaffer Lightning Talk
Utilizing the ArcGIS Platform to Meet Public Health Needs   Sonny Beech Lightning Talk
Care Coordination Needs and How GIS Can Help   Glafira Marcon Lightning Talk
HealtLandscape DaaS Solution Presentation Mark Carrozza Lightning Talk
Carilong Clinic Healthcare Facilities Resource Management with GIS   Michael Nichols Lightning Talk
Accelerating Enterprise Workflows with Spatial Search and Scoring   Gil Gasparek Lightning Talk
Make Your Data Stand-Out: Highly-Interactive Reporting Apps for ArcGIS Online from InstantAtlas   Mike Forster Lightning Talk
GIS in Healthy Community Initiatives   Mike Murphy Lightning Talk
Harnessing Data and Spatial Analytics for More Effective Interventions   Tanya Bigos Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Data Collection for Health and Human Services Presentation Jared Shoultz Technical Workshop
Decoding Health Data with Spatial Statistics Presentation Flora Vale, Jenora D'Acosta Technical Workshop
Leveraging the ArcGIS Platform to Support Healthy Communities Presentation Jared Shoultz Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online Demystified: Busting Myths and an Open Panel Discussion   Bernie Szukalski Panel
Creating Great Apps Using Application Templates, Web AppBuilder, and Story Maps Presentation Bernie Szukalski Technical Workshop
Decoding Health Data with Spatial Statistics Presentation Flora Vale, Jenora D'Acosta Technical Workshop
How to Build and ArcGIS Open Data Site for Health and Human Services Presentation Jared Shoultz Technical Workshop
Plenary Session- Dr. Nancy Hardt   Dr. Nancy Hardt Plenary Session
Plenary Session- Nick Macchoine Presentation Nick Macchoine Plenary Session
Population Health Management: Using Geospatial Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions Presentation Dr. Brian Jacobs Plenary Session
Plenary Welcome- Day One Presentation Esri Health Staff Plenary Session
Using Web Technology to Plan Intervention Strategies to Reduce Adverse Birth Outcomes in Florida   Lieutenant Sherry French Plenary Session
Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference-Media Panel Presentation Jeff Porter Plenary Session
Plenary Welcome- Day Two Presentation Esri Health Staff Plenary Session
Maps and Models in One Health: Using ArcGIS as a Tool to Understand Pathogen Transmission in Coastal California Presentation Liz VanWormer Plenary Session
Decoding Health Data with Spatial Statistics—Geographically Weighted Regression Presentation Flora Vale, Jenora D'Acosta Technical Workshop