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2009 Installations and Environment User Group Meeting

The 2009 Installation and Environment User Group Meeting user papers is a compilation of professional papers delivered on November 4–5, 2009, in Reston, Virginia. IE users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their papers on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Note: Not all sessions are available.

Title Author
Welcome—Esri [PDF] Patty Sims, Esri
DISDI Update [PDF] David LaBranche, PE, DISDI Program Manager
US Navy IGI&S Program Update [PDF] Darrell Robertson, IGI&S Program Manager, HQ GeoReadiness Program
US Army IGI&S Program Update [PDF] Vincent Nicchitta, IGI&S Program Manager, US Army OACSIM
US Marine Corps IGI&S Program Update [PDF] Frances Railey, Geospatial Information Officer, HQMC
US Air Force IGI&S Program Update [PDF] Wade Rawlins, CE Chief Information Officer, HQ AF/A7CRT
NGB-ARE and the Common Installation Picture [PDF] David Hulka, NGB
Overview of the Army National Guard (ARNG)'s Real Property and Geospatial Integration [PDF] Malcolm Ponte, GIS Program Manager, Division, National Guard Bureau (NGB-ARI), and Chris Argentieri, GIS Analyst
DISDI Geospatial Metadata Profile Strategy [PDF] Sam Hooper, Standards Coordinator, DISDI Program
Esri Support for SDSFIE 3.0 and DGMP [PDF] Jay Cary, Esri, and Mr. Marc Beckel, Northrop Grumman IS
Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) 3.0—New Direction for IGI&S Data Standards [PDF] Jay Cary and David LaBranche
SDSFIE Status: 3.0—Beta Version [PDF] Marc Beckel
Army SDSFIE 3.0 Pilot Migration Project [PDF] Vince Nicchitta, US Army
USACE Implementation of SDSFIE 3.0 [PDF] Nancy Blyler, USACE
SDSFIE 3.0 Navy Installation Data Conversion [PDF] Darrell Robertson, USN
SDSFIE 3.0—GEOFidelis Implementation & Migration [PDF] Frances Railey, USMC
Air Force Civil Engineering—IGI&S Program SDSFIE 3.0 Implementation Planning [PDF] Beth Addington, USAF
eNavigation Program [PDF] Greg Dreaper, Mobile District, USACE
Space Allocation Optimization [PDF] Brad Ball, Team Leader, NASA Langley Research Center
Domestic Operations GI&S: New Beginnings for the National Guard [PDF] USAF-Col. Ret. Brian Cullis, PhD, Total Force GI&S Lead, ANG Geo Intengration Office, ANG, Readiness Center
Air National Guard Geo Integration Office (GIO) Geospatial Requirements Definition Process (GRDP) [PDF] Greg Turner, Air Force National Guard HQ
Modeling and Mapping Consequences (MMC) [PDF] Will Breitkreutz, Geographer, USACE