2016 National Security and Public Safety Summit

The National Security and Public Safety Summit is dedicated to public safety and national security agencies. The presentations featured here discuss how GIS technology strengthens critical infrastructure protection and communication between sectors, provides actionable intelligence, improves readiness, response, and situational awareness, and more. We hope you can use this information as a resource for mission decision making.

Title Presentation Author Session
Welcome and Introductions Presentation Chris McIntosh-Esri Plenary Session
Conference Theme and Introductions Presentation Russ Johnson- Esri  
Keynote Presentation: Building the Indispensable Bridge for Public Safety Collaboration: We Know It, Why Don't We Share It? Presentation Jim Featherstone, President and CEO-Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council Keynote Presentation
Technical Demonstration: A Location Strategy for Safe Communities Presentation Jeff Baranyi-Esri Technical Demonstration
Plenary Session: Expanding the Mission of the Wisconsin National Guard through Miles Paratus 2016 Exercise Presentation Major General Donald P. Dunbar, Adjutant General- Wisconsin National Guard Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Cal OES GIS Collaboration to Enhance Decision-Making in Emergency Management Presentation Dan Bout, Assistant Director of Response-Cal OES Caroline Thomas Jacobs, Chief, Response Systems Integration Branch-Cal OES Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Disseminating Critical Infrastructure Data through HIFLD Open and HIFLD Secure Presentation Mike Donnelly, Program Lead-HIFLD Program, Geospatial Management Office, US Department of Homeland Security Plenary Session
Technical Demonstration: ArcGIS Apps and Open Data for Improving Public Trust and Police Transparency Presentation Chris Delaney-Esri Technical Demonstration
Panel Discussion: Open Data and Increasing Trust and Confidence in the Police Presentation Chief Danielle Boldt-Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, CA Captain James Nolette-Fayetteville Police Department, NC Arnold Suzukamo-Los Angeles Police Department, CA Panel Discussion
Plenary Session: GIS Deployment for Emergency Management and Special Events Presentation Mike Cox, Assistant Chief-Henrico County Fire Jackson Baynard, Battalion Chief-Henrico County Fire Plenary Session
Plenary Session: The Power of Simplicity-Strategy behind Imagery Innovation at Esri Presentation Lawrie Jordan-Esri Plenary Session
Keynote Presentation: European Migration Crisis-How Geospatial Information Supports German Organizations Presentation Dr. Michael Judex-Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe Jakob Rehbach-Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe Sven Dunkel-Stadt Frankfurt am Main Holger Ziehm-Esri Deutschland GmbH Keynote Presentation
Plenary Session: A WHO-listic Response to Zika Virus Presentation Ravi Shankar Santhana Gopala Krishnan, Technical Officer-World Health Organization (WHO) David Attaway-Esri Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Esri Public Safety Assistance Program: Year in Review Presentation Chris McIntosh-Esri, Jeff Baranyi-Esri Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Migration and Advantages of Web Map Implementation at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Presentation Desiree Kocis, GIS Coordinator-Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Promoting Science and Technology for Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction: A Geographic Approach Presentation Professor Haruo Hayashi, President-National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience Plenary Session
Technical Demonstration: Decision Support, Field Mobility, and Analysis in National Security and Public Safety Presentation Chris Delaney-Esri Technical Demonstration
Plenary Session: Bravo Zulu Presentation Admiral David G. Simpson-Chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission Plenary Session
Plenary Session: GIS and the USA's Migration to Next Generation 9-1-1 Presentation Dr. Brian Fontes, CEO-National Emergency Number Association Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Northeast Florida: Marrying Fused Unstructured and Structured Big Data Mining to Geographic Information Systems Presentation Matt White, Senior Intelligence Officer and Fusion Center Director-Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and Northeast Florida Fusion Center Plenary Session
Plenary Session: Insights for ArcGIS Presentation Art Haddad-Esri, Linda Beale-Esri Plenary Session
Conference Closing and Q&A Presentation Russ Johnson-Esri, Brian Lantz-Esri, Mike Quin-Esri, Chris McIntosh-Esri Plenary Session
Summary of the Day and Closing Remarks Presentation Russ Johnson, Esri, John Day, Esri, Ed Carubis, Esri Plenary Session