2017 National Security and Public Safety Summit

The National Security and Public Safety Summit is dedicated to national security and the nation's public safety. The presentations featured here discuss how GIS technology strengthens critical infrastructure protection and communication between sectors, provides actionable intelligence, improves readiness, response, and situational awareness, and more. We hope you can use this information as a resource for mission decision making.

Title Presentation Author Session
Helping You Create Safer Communities Presentation Kate Levy (Esri), Chris McIntosh (Esri) Plenary
Fighting the Opiate Epidemic with ODMAP Presentation Tom Carr (Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug and Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program) Keynote Presentation
Intelligence Fusion at the Illinois State Police   Aaron Kustermann (Illinois State Police) Plenary
Leveraging the DHS Geospatial Center of Excellence to Provide Critical Mission Support Presentation Lew Summers (US Department of Homeland Security) Plenary
Integrated Marine GIS for Colombia Search and Rescue Operations Presentation Paola Echeverry (Dimar) Plenary
FirstNet an Overview of Program and Techniques Used for Public Safety Data Collection Presentation TJ Kennedy (FirstNet) Plenary
Real-Time GIS in Public Safety and National Security Presentation Chris Delaney (Esri) Technical Demonstration
Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Use of Esri Workforce Presentation Captain Ronnie Hampton (Oklahoma State Police) Plenary
Grid-Based Risk Modeling: A Standards Approach Presentation Talbot Brooks (Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies, Delta State University) Lightning Talks
GIS Technologies: A Foundation for All Hazard Preparedness and Response Presentation Mike Cox and Jackson Baynard (Henrico County Division of Fire) Lightning Talks
Esri's Collector App and CAL FIRE - Smarter Emergency Management Presentation David Shew (CAL FIRE) Lightning Talks
GIS: The Visual Cortex of Emergency Management Presentation Caroline Thomas Jacobs (Cal OES), Dan Bout (Cal OES) Plenary
Building an Information Management System for Mine Action from ArcGIS Pro and Portal for ArcGIS Presentation Olivier Cottray (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining) Plenary
IMAAC as a Decision-making Support Capability for CBRNE Incidents Presentation Scott Runyon (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) Plenary
Modern Technology in Migration Management Presentation Piotr Malinowski (Frontex) Plenary
SALUS, a Platform Designed by the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) Presentation Jim Featherstone (Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council) Plenary
Leveraging Field Mobility and Drone Imagery for Special Event Management   Kevin Armstrong (Esri), Jon Pedder (Esri) Technical Demonstration
Esri Public Safety Assistance Program: Year in Review Presentation Stacey Triche (Esri), Jeff Baranyi (Esri) Plenary
NASA - A Partner in Disaster Risk Reduction for Public Safety Presentation Jordan Bell (NASA) Plenary
Colombia Eradication of Illicit Crops - SIIMA Project Presentation Alexander Lozano Sepulveda (Colombian National Police) Plenary
Advancing Analytical Tradecraft - Merging Business Intelligence Tools with Your Geo-Spatial Tool Set Presentation Art Haddad (Esri), Linda Beale (Esri) Technical Demonstration
The Relevance of Geospatial Science in National Coordination of Cyber Incident Management Presentation Michael Roskind (Department of Homeland Security, NPPD/CS&C) Plenary
Understanding Holistic Effects of Cyber Events on Critical Infrastructure Presentation Shane Cherry (Idaho National Laboratory Homeland Security Division), Brian Biesecker (Esri) Plenary