2016 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings

The 2016 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held November 1–3, 2016 at the Esri Conference Center in Redlands, California. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Paper Author Session
Incorporating Geodatabases into a Workflow for Acquisition, Processing, Visualization and Sharing of Hydrographic Based Data   Christopher Malzone Planning and Operations
A Risk-Based Approach to Determine Hydrographic Survey Priorities Using GIS Presentation Patrick Keown, Michael Gonsalves, Christina Fandel, Lucy Hick, Corey Allen and Barry Gallagher Planning and Operations
New and Improved: Benthic Terrain Modeler 3.0   Noah Slocum Planning and Operations
Planning and Coordinating Field Work with Esri's Dashboard, Collector, and Workforce Apps   Ken Buja Planning and Operations
A National OCS Sand / Sediment Inventory Presentation Lora Turner, Alexa Ramirez Resource Mapping
Development of a Coral Reef Mapping Tool for St. Maarten Presentation James Osundwa Resource Mapping
A GIS-based Decision Support Tool for Oyster Reef Habitat Restoration Presentation Seth Theuerkauf, Brandon Puckett, David Eggleston Resource Mapping
FisheriesNET a Monitoring System to Understand Small-scale Fisheries Presentation Marcia Moreno-Baez Resource Mapping
Geospatial Weather Intelligence--Displaying and Conveying National Weather Service Information   Jack Settelmaier Weather
The US Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS): A Weather Service for the Ocean   Tiffany Vance Weather
Exploring Pacific Coast Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat and Rockfish Conservation Area Modifications through Marxan Models   Jon Bonkoski Applied Marine GIS (Lightning Talk)
Crowdsourced Bathymetry Data via Electronic Charting Systems Presentation Evan Robertson Applied Marine GIS (Lightning Talk)
Procedures and Organization for the Coastal Composite Bathymetry Projects   Michael White, Juliet Kinney and Andy Armstrong Applied Marine GIS (Lightning Talk)
Mapping Marine Ecosystems of the World Presentation Qianshuo Zhao Applied Marine GIS (Lightning Talk)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Data Processing Workflows   Nate Novak Applied Marine GIS (Lightning Talk)
Mapping Marine Mammal Sightings with Esri's Collector for ArcGIS   Lei Lani Stelle, Adrian Laufer, and Tessa Foster Marine GIS App Development (Lightning Talk)
Project Baseline - Underwater Citizen Science   Todd Kincaid and Kristie Connolly Marine GIS App Development (Lightning Talk) Ocean Reporting Tool   David Stein, Daniel Martin, and Christine Taylor Marine GIS App Development (Lightning Talk)
Developing an App for Coastal Permitting in the Mariana Islands   Rachel Bounchillon Marine GIS App Development (Lightning Talk)
Using GIS to Manage Large-Scale Regional Monitoring Programs Presentation Shelly Moore and Steven Steinberg Coastal and Marine Interface
An Integrated Land-Sea Planning Toolkit Presentation Patrick Crist and Samantha Coocia Coastal and Marine Interface
Mapping Marine Ecosystems and Biogeographic Realms Presentation Mark Costello, Zeenatul Basher, Qianshuo Zhao, Roger Sayre, Dawn Wright, Sean Breyer, Kevin Butler Coastal and Marine Interface
Spatial Protection for Porbeagle Sharks, Lamna Nasus, in the Northwest Atlantic - the Road to Recovery?   Catherine Schram Living Resources
US Navy Marine Species Monitoring Program   Kristen Ampela, Peter Hille, and Nicholas Stadille Living Resources
Supporting Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning with the WCODP Presentation Steven Steinberg, Andy Lanier Marine Spatial Planning
Mapping Mission Blue Ocean Hope Spots Presentation Avanish Sharma Marine Spatial Planning
Maximizing the Value of Open Ocean Space: Aquaculture Site Selection and Co-siting in the Gulf of Mexico   Lisa Wickliffe, James A. Morris, and Ken L. Riley Marine Spatial Planning
Mapping Global Marine Protected Area Efforts Presentation Russell Moffitt Marine Spatial Planning
GIS Application to Post Super Storm Sandy Marine Debris Assessment and Categorization   Michael Bogonko Marine Debris
Research to Reality and Back Again: A Story of Bubbles   Victoria Price, Maurice Doucet Marine Debris
Participatory GIS and Citizen Science Approaches for Understanding Coastal Marine Debris in Belize   Ashley Little Marine Debris
Marine Debris and GIS: Story Map Brings Remote Places Closer   Tomoko Acoba, James Morioka Marine Debris
Re-scheming NOAA Nautical Charts Presentation John Nyberg and Allison Wittrock National Mapping
eHydro: Integration, Reporting and Communication Presentation Shanks Gavin National Mapping
Fixing the Submerged Lands Act Boundary Presentation Douglas Vandegraft National Mapping
The Office of Coast Survey's Geospatial Infrastructure of Hydropgraphyand Nautical Charting Presentation Neil Weston National Mapping
Climate Change Threats to United Arab Emirates Coastal Zone- Development of a Coastal Vulnerability Index   Gregg Verutes and Jane Glavan Coastal Resiliency
Heavy Metal Mining and the Potential Contamination of Sensitive Marine Habitats in Coastal Alaska Presentation Justin Fehnrtich Coastal Resiliency
Computing Risk to West Coast Intertidal Rocky Habitat due to Sea Level Rise using LiDAR Topobathy   Patrick Clinton, Henry Lee II Coastal Resiliency
Participatory GIS and Flooding in Belize Presentation Sarah Kuo, Jasmine Perez Coastal Resiliency