2016 Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2016 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held April 26–28, in Houston, Texas. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Title Presentation Author Session
Automating Spatial Data Management Workflows at BP Lower 48 Onshore   Scott Bateman, Tood Buehlman Data Management
Data Hub: Visualizing the Spatial Possibilities   Sopheap Meas, Charlean Roberson Data Management
AGOL: Invaluable Collaborative Potential Even for Small Business   Dan Michalec, Lucas Pattison Data Management
Migrating Users from Custom Apps and Add-Ins to Standard Esri Functionality   Josh Goertzen Data Management
Geospatial Data Analyst-The Pathway to Professionalization   Samantha Murray Data Management
Applying Geostatistical Analysis to Evaluate Production Trends in the Permian Basin Presentation Lisa Zoellick Explorations
Using Esri Mobile Solutions for Field Data Integration and Management   Jessica Beres, David Calhoun Explorations
GPS Receivers for Vehicle Navigation in the Jonah Field   Jessica Beres Explorations
Geostatistical Analysis of Bakken Petroleum System Oil and Water Production Presentation Kyle Glazewski Operations
Promoting Enhanced Oil Recovery in Wyoming through Web GIS Presentation Nick Jones Operations
Comparison of Aerial Surveying Techniques for Mapping Submerged Structures in Shallow Coastal Water   Behrokh Nazeri Operations
Developing Multi-State Land Usage Land Cover Maps Using Data Driven Pages   Siri Hall, Janice Fisher Health, Safety and Environment
Canadian Wildlife Tracking with ArcGIS Collector and Portal   Ronald Lopez Health, Safety and Environment
Innovative Tools to Optimize Fluids Management in the Shale Gas Industry Presentation Ashwin Dhanasekar Health, Safety and Environment
Best Practices For Validating Pipeline GIS Data Presentation John Marino Pipeline
Utilizing Esri Out of the Box Tools for Field Data Verification Presentation Clarke Wiley Pipeline
Implementing ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing and UPDM at Spectra Energy   Peter Veenstra Pipeline
Seismic - A Look at GIS and Hazard Surveying Presentation Brant Gossett, Rachel McKenna Operations Petroleum Panel
GIS in the Sky Presentation Sophy Liu Operations Petroleum Panel
Utilizing Dynamic Maps to Analyze AUV Pipeline Inspection Survey Datasets Presentation Kayne Morvant Operations Petroleum Panel
How Cloud-Based Environmental Data Support International Ventures Risk Management   Jodi Harney Health, Safety and Environment
Risk Assessments for Releases from Highly Volatile Liquid Pipelines Presentation Jeremy Fontenault Health, Safety and Environment
Lessons Learned from Implementing an Enterprise GIS Solution for Cross-Country Pipeline Routing Presentation Jackie Smith Health, Safety and Environment
Deploying the ArcGIS Platform at Williams: Fit for Purpose Applications   Tammy Hall Pipeline
Pipeline Maintenance Tracking Apps with AppStudio   Chris Nichols Pipeline
Utilizing Colorized 3D Point Clouds for Efficient Pipeline Corridor Planning   Daniel Michalec Pipeline
Integrating Pipeline GIS and SAP EAM Linear Asset Management   Graham Glaser Pipeline
Establishing a GIS Program in Upstream Presentation Costas Kotzabassis Data Management
A Novel Approach to Capitalize WITSML Data in Geospatial Platform for Real-Time Monitoring and Risk Assessment Presentation Seetharam Sethupathi Data Management
Integrating Spatial Data with Asset Management Workflows   Richard Murphy Data Management
Tracking Land and Operations in GIS at a Small Independent Presentation Matthew Jackson Land
Pipeline Monitoring Employing Geospatial Big Data in ArcGIS Presentation Harsh Govind Land
Consumer UAV + iPad + RTK GNSS = Killer GIS Data Presentation Eric Gakstatter Survey
Auditing Your GIS: Evaluating Quality Management, Consistency, & Mitigating Risk Presentation Taylor Brown Survey
Airborne Helicopter / UAV Surveys and Data Delivery in the Pipeline Industry   Carlos Femmer Survey
GIS Educational Needs for the Petroleum Industry - Survey Results & Key Findings   Dan Goldberg Professional Discipline
Petroleum User Conference Technology Discussion   Scott Bateman, Jacob Boyle Technology Discussion
Improving Data Management with the Geodatabase   David Ellerbeck Pipeline
Effectively Leveraging CAD Data in the GIS World Presentation Rene R. Ramirez Data Management
ArcGIS Desktop & ArcGIS Pro: Overview and Deployment Strategy Presentation Elvis Tokow, David Watkins Technical Workshop
Big Data: ArcGIS Spatiotemporal Big Data Store Presentation Mark Bramer Technical Workshop
Deploying Mobile Solutions   Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Leveraging Web GIS- An Introduction to the ArcGIS Portal Presentation Derek Law Technical Workshop
Managing and Using Imagery   Cody Benkelman Technical Workshop
Modernizing and Strengthening Pipeline GIS Presentation Vanessa Ramirez, Tom Coolidge, Jeff Allen Technical Workshop
PUG Petroleum Workflows   Chris Shanks, Sylvain Bard-Maier, Scott Sitzman, Paul Morrison, Paloma Urbano, Rich Priem, Chris Nichols Technical Workshop
PUG Technical Workshop   Jacob Boyle Technical Workshop
Putting Story Maps to Work in Your Business Presentation Mark Smithgall Technical Workshop
Real-Time GIS: Applying Real-Time Analytics Presentation Mark Bramer Technical Workshop
Spatial Analytics with Web GIS   Steve Kopp Technical Workshop
TeachmeGIS- Tips and Tricks for Data Management for the Desktop User   Jennifer Harrison Technical Workshop
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Introduction and Deployment Presentation Derek Law Technical Workshop
Web GIS Deployment for Administrators   Vanessa Ramirez Technical Workshop
Web GIS: Performance and Scalability Best Practices   Andrew Sakowicz Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Maps for Office Presentation Sumant Mallvaram Demo Theater
Collector for ArcGIS Presentation Sumant Mallvaram Demo Theater
Explorer for ArcGIS Presentation Hailemichael Tekla Demo Theater
Navigator for ArcGIS Presentation Hailemichael Tekla Demo Theater
ArcGIS Earth Presentation Hailemichael Tekla Demo Theater
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Presentation Sumant Mallvaram Demo Theater
Smart Mapping Presentation Mark Smithgall Demo Theater
Story Maps Presentation Mark Smithgall Demo Theater
Survey123 for ArcGIS Presentation Elvis Takow Demo Theater
Workforce for ArcGIS Presentation Sumant Mallvaram Demo Theater