2017 Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2017 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held April 12–13, in Houston, Texas. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Title Presentation Author Session
Enterprise Knowledge Management: Discover, Search, and View Spatial Data Presentation Nathan Warmerdan Data Management
Accelerating Oil and Gas Digital Transportation with Cloud-Based Geospatial Informaiton   Dania Kodeih Data Management
Data Integration for Prospect Evaluation and New Well Delivery Presentation Justin McCreight Exploration
PUG Geospatial Workflows Project: Moving Forward Presentation Chris Shanks User Presentation
Our Iceberg Is Melting   Keith Fraley Data Management
Keys to Efficiently Managing Multidisciplinary Data Flows on Large Projects   Emerson Chew Data Management
Using ArcGIS to Improve Play Valuations Presentation Jessica Van Slyke Exploration
Geospatial Data Integration for Geotechnical Site Characterisation Presentation Brittany Bruce Exploration
GIS Educational Needs for the Petroleum Industry Survey - An Update   Andrew Klein, Daniel Goldberg, Gus Nodwell, and Ellen Nodwell Education
GeoPortal in the Cloud; Extend the AGOL Core Offerings Presentation Donald Costanzo Data Management
How to Have a Successful GIS Implementation Presentation Ted Peay Pipeline - Implementation and Data Collection
Compliance-Driven Maintenance and Inspection Data Collection   Fernando De La Ossa, Barry Hanke, Scott Crouch, Stacey McBride Pipeline - Implementation and Data Collection
Seismic Geomatics Technologies Presentation Brant Gossett Exploration
Getting Rid of the Spreadsheets: Managing ILI Inspections from Tool Run to Closure Reports   Lynette Lyddane Data Management
The GIS Value Stream: Understanding Spatial Information Flow to Add Value in Shale Gas Presentation Sara Fortnam Operations
Deploying Enterprise ArcGIS: Do You Have a Technology AND People Strategy? Presentation Scott Noulis Operations
Using Portal for Rapid GIS Integration in Desktop Applications Presentation Clark Fitzsimmons Data Management
Centimeter Data Using and Inexpensive Consumer Drone - One Year Later   Eric Gakstatter Data Management
Using PODS Lite with ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Presentation Peter Veenstra Pipeline - Data Models
Release of Seabed Survey Data Model version 2 Presentation Narmina Lovely Pipeline - Data Models
Full Field Decision Support for Unconventional Field Development   Eric Ohler Operations
Augmented Reality for One Call Support Presentation Brent Pingel Operations
E-Calendar Search Workflow - Integrating ArcGIS with Quorum GIS Suite & Geocortex   David LaGorce Land
Automate the Labor-Intensive Task of Realigning Existing Polygons to New Land Grid Versions or Vendors Presentation Chuck Sloan, Miles Phillips Land
With New Regs Coming, Will Your Adopt or Adapt? Presentation Matthew Thomas Pipeline - Responding to Regulation
Tracking and Defending Changes in a Geodatabase Presentation Jeffrey Wilcox Pipeline - Responding to Regulation
4D Lease Mapping with ArcGIS Pro Presentation Wade Koteras Operations
Spatializing Wellbores in an Active Unconventional Play   Dean Rother Operations
Sharing MetOcean Data and Model Results using ArcGIS Server Presentation Jeremy Fontenault HSE
How Portal Empowered Our Organization to Do More with Less Presentation Patrick Turner Pipeline - Drones and Empowerment
Driving Adoption of the ArcGIS Platform by Solving Common Business Problems Presentation Taylor Hudgin Operations
Transitioning to Pro: A Starter Guide   Jenny Harrison Education
Make It So: Pushing UPDM to Production Against ArcGIS 10.5 and APR Presentation Anthony Herman, Peter Veenstra Pipeline - UPDM and Spill Modeling
Pipeline Spill Modeling: From GIS-Based Screening to the Next Level Presentation Jeremy Fontenault Pipeline - UPDM and Spill Modeling
Basic Geodetics - What Every GIS User Should Know Presentation Bobby Saleh Survey
Coordinate Reference Systems: Best Practices for Assignment, Manipulation, and Conversion in GIS Systems Presentation Pamela Kanu Survey
ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction Presentation Thomas Fair Technical Workshop
Field Workflows Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Portal Administration Presentation David Jacob Technical Workshop
Building Web Apps for Your Business Presentation Derek Law Technical Workshop
Architecture Best Practices Presentation Andrew Sakowicz Technical Workshop
Desktop Workflows: An Introduction to ArcGIS Pro Presentation David Watkins, Mark Smithgall Technical Workshop
Managing Imagery and Raster Data Presentation Peter Becker Technical Workshop
ArcGIS for Pipelines Presentation Jeff Allen, Vanessa Ramirez Technical Workshop
Security Considerations Presentation Kevin Rich Technical Workshop
Monitoring Your Operations Presentation Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
Enterprise GIS-Designing, Testing and Monitoring Presentation Andrew Sakowicz Technical Workshop
Simple Mapping Workflows Presentation Vanessa Ramirez Technical Workshop
Launching Your Platform Presentation Fernando DeVivo/Stacia Taggart Technical Workshop
Gaining Insight into Your Business Presentation Elvis Takow Technical Workshop
Image Server: Imagery and Data Raster Analytics Presentation Peter Becker Technical Workshop