GIS in Environmental Decision Making: Development of Environmental Applications with MapObjects

Author: Marco Painho
Organization: ISEGI--New University of Lisbon

Travessa Estevao Pinto - Campolide

Phone: 351-1-3870413
Fax: 351-1-3872140

The Environmental Impact Assessment Evaluation Support System and the Environmental Adjustment Contracts Monitoring System from the Environmental General Directorate, and the Constraints Evaluation System from the Environmental Regional Directorate of Alentejo, both from Portugal, are applications that were developed to perform very specific tasks that include environmental information.

The main purpose is to provide easy-to-use tools that make possible the integration, storage, edition, and analysis of environmental information, helping the environmental technicians to support their decisions.

This paper describes the development methodology, based on an interactive approach and three-tier architecture, and the functionalities of these three applications developed using MapObjects at the New Technologies Laboratory of ISEGI--New University of Lisbon.