2004 UC Proceedings Abstract


TXDAPA: Geo-Referencing Historical Aerial Photography of Texas
Track: Remote Sensing Imagery
Author(s): Thomas Brown, Anwar Slitine

Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) maintains over one million frames of aerial photography for the State of Texas. Deterioration has been a major problem for the collection. In order to reduce the amount of deterioration the TXDAPA Project was initiated two years ago. TXDAPA takes hard copy photographs scans them and uses the ArcView 8.x geo-referencing tool to geo-reference each image. By using the geo-referencing tool it allowed us to be flexible in our approach to the TXDAPA project. For example third party plug-ins were used to display the aerial imagery and using a batch .aml file saved us time and money on rectifying each image. In the two years of the project more than 20 years of county coverage has been completed.

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Anwar Slitine
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