Chimpanzee Conservation in Gombe National Park Using 60 CM QuickBird Imagery
Track: Parks and Natural Reserves
Author(s): Lilian Pintea, William Whatley, Chuck Chaapel

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and its partners' vision for the conservation of Gombe chimpanzees includes Gombe National Park and neighboring village lands and communities adjacent to the park. An important component is the development of detailed image maps that can be used within a conservation planning process facilitated by The Nature Conservancy to prioritize habitats for conservation and restoration. Two Colorado-based companies are assisting the Jane Goodall Institute by providing 60 cm multispectral satellite imagery and advanced semiautomated mapping services. These companies include the Native Communities Development Corporation (NCDC) working with satellite imagery provided by DigitalGlobe, Inc., who owns and operates the QuickBird high-resolution satellite. This paper profiles the process presently being used by the JGI-NCDC-DigitalGlobe team from the processing of the satellite imagery to the semiautomated mapping to the use of mapping results on the ground by the conservation and village land-use planning teams.

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