Making Noise with ArcGIS
Track: Cartography and Map Production
Author(s): Jeffery Nighbert

"Bump mapping" has become an accepted technique in cartography for enhancing Shaded or 'painted' relief backdrops. New capabilities in ArcGIS 9.2 allow generation of more sophisticated textures and increased realism and beauty in mapping. Though the illusion of surface textures add tremendous visual interest and realism to cartographic products, did you know the basis for 'bump mapping' is essentially noise? This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of noise and its application in "bump mapping." There will be a review of existing techniques for creating bump maps, and highlight new techniques using ArcGIS 9.2 model builder and python scripting. There will be several examples showing how landscape based textures and materials can be applied to cartographic backdrops using ArcGIS to create a dramatic, interesting, and informational cartographic presentation.

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