No Paper
Operating within a Paperless Environment
Track: State and Local Government
Author(s): Frank Jessie

The Maintenance Section of SanGIS is responsible for the upkeep of the regional basemap of San Diego County. This basemap consists of over 1,000,000 parcels, thousands of miles of roads, addresses for the City of San Diego and all recorded maps within San Diego County.

As a result of a Business Reengineering Conference the Maintenance Section made the decision to remove as much of paper copies as possible and replace them with digital inputs.

This report will discuss the ramifications of the move made by the maintenance section. I will discuss the elimination of many steps in the recording process (121 steps with paper vs. 41 steps without) and the impact this move has had on the time used to process and publish the database work. Further I will discuss the obstacles SanGIS encounted in going paperless and how these obstacles we overcome by the staff.

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