ESTEVOL—A Time Analysis Tool to Better Understand Urban Growth
Track: Modeling
Author(s): Frederic Rousseaux

GIS are first built around spatial data management. Time dimension is often rather basically modelled than spatial dimension. Many geographic phenomena need a space and time approach in order to carry out a valid analysis. Existing tools that have been developed around time dataset management are focused on visualization. Recently, Google Earth offers the possibility to associate time information to its KML format. Time data set is displayed with a time slider in Google Earth user interface. Visualization is necessary but is not sufficient to understand and to quantify geographical process. On the contrary of spatial analysis tools, some few space and time analysis tools are available. Some tools exist for specific applications such as hydrology. The aim of this paper is to present ESTEVOL, a space and time analysis tool that helps to study urban spread. This tool is implemented in ArcGIS. Cadastral data is used as an input.

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