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Using GIS to Track Development: ROI Examples from Chesapeake, Virginia
Track: Benefits of GIS
Author(s): Rebecca Benz

The City of Chesapeake is located in the southeastern region of Virginia and the pressure to develop into rural areas increases as surrounding cities grow in population. The evolution of GIS in Chesapeake from a mapping tool to an analysis tool has produced a series of return on investment (ROI) examples.

Current workflow processes that present multiple ROI examples involve the growth management struggle mentioned above. This presentation will highlight the current workflow process from application, departmental reviews, into the public hearing phase. Tracking the proposed and approved development using GIS has greatly improved the workflow and collaboration between our government departments. ROI examples will also be drawn from the long-range planning aspect that sets the precedent for future growth patterns. In conclusion, this presentation will discuss imminent opportunities for additional ROIs; for example, using GIS in public hearing meetings or linking scanned applications to geographic elements for citizen query.

Rebecca Benz
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