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GIS for the 'Connectivity Challenged'—Stand-Alone GIS Solutions for GeoBase
Track: Defense and Intelligence
Author(s): David Blumberg

Recent trends have seen GIS outgrow its PC-centric origins to emerge as part of the distributed info-sphere, with a trend toward robust server-based network and internet resources designed for wide distribution. Accordingly it has become increasingly difficult to deploy or consume GIS resources without some form of network connectivity. Left behind in the dust is the “connectivity-challenged” GIS user. How does one successfully deploy GIS to users without access to a network or server-based architecture?

The USAF GeoBase team at Lajes Field was approached by the base housing office to develop a kiosk application for newcomers without network access to search for off-base rentals by browsing a map of Terceira Island, Azores. The system had to be user friendly and easily maintained by housing office personnel. This presentation describes the project from the planning phase to deployment and presents lessons learned, as well as exploring potential spin-off applications.

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