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Geodatabase Standardization and Validation for U.S. Army Training Area GIS
Track: Defense and Intelligence
Author(s): Steven Bowley

This presentation discusses the development of a geodatabase validation tool for Esriís ArcCatalog.

The U.S. Army Sustainable Range Program (SRP) is responsible for creating and updating GIS data layers and map products for military training areas around the world.

The database standard adopted by SRP, and throughout the Department of Defense, is the Spatial Database Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE).

To support compliancy with this standard, and to meet quality assurance plans, the SRP have developed a geodatabase validator tool. This tool compares the usersí database against a standard template and identifies issues such as missing mandatory attributes and feature classes.

The geodatabase validator tool enables GIS Analysts to quickly identify where their data does not meet standard specifications, and highlights necessary updates.

This paper discusses the development techniques used and demonstrates the working of the tool.

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