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Poisson and Bernoulli Spatial Cluster Analyses of Pediatric Injuries
Track: Health and Human Services
Author(s): Craig Warden

Background. There is a need to evaluate geographical clustering of pediatric injuries for prevention activities. Methods. Bernoulli and Poisson cluster analysis using ArcGIS 9.2 and SaTScan. Results. For patients less than 15 years old over 5 years, the fire district responded to 1997 injuries and 2806 medical calls. Using the medical incident locations as controls, there was no significant clustering for environmental or assault injuries using the Bernoulli method while there were four significant clusters for all injury mechanisms combined, 13 clusters for motor vehicle collisions, one for falls, and two for pedestrian or bicycle injuries. Using the Poisson cluster method on incidence rates by census tract identified four clusters for all injuries, three for motor vehicle collisions, four for fall injuries, and one each for environmental and assault injuries. Conclusions. Interventions can now be targeted to specific geographic locations, location types, ages of victims, and mechanisms of injury.

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