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City of El Paso Pavement Management System
Track: Public Works
Author(s): Jose Granillo, Craig Schorling, Branden Kurgan

The City of El Paso has completed phase IV of their Traffic Management Information System “TIMS”. This phase is the five-year follow up to phase I, which was done in 2003. The American Public Works Association (APWA) “best practices” recommends updating the pavement management system (PMS) every three to five years.

The update includes taking pavement distress inventories from the same sample areas that were collected five years earlier. By sampling the same areas the city can compare the conditions of each road segment between the years, and see how well their maintenance program is working.

The updates to the PMS system also factor into the prediction modeling of the city’s road network. By calculating how the pavement changed in five years, the city can predict the lifespan of the roadway. This modeling leads to better maintenance and construction budgeting and eliminates the “guesswork”.

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