Geostatistical Analyst, Animation and SCADA Detecting Issues in Water Utilities
Track: Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater
Author(s): Ramiro Vega

Frequently water utilities managers and technical staff have to use tools to analyze the spatial behavior of the hydraulic conveyance, including flows and pressures, to discover hidden issues that can produce inefficiencies in the distribution system and waste of resources.

City of Tampa Water Department has used SCADA, Geostatistical Analyst extension and Animation capabilities of ArcGIS software to spot areas with abnormal performance and find the most likely cause of such undesired operation. Some issues happen in specific time of the day and in unexpected areas and only the SCADA output can provide the numeric values of key factors (pressure and flow) throughout the distribution network. GIS has good statistical and display capabilities to help managers to understand the problems and make sound hypothesis about cause-effect and correlation. These tools can help water utilities to select appropriate Capital Improvement projects and save taxpayers money in short and long term.

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