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Using GIS to Evaluate the Master Plan of Baghdad
Track: State and Local Government
Author(s): Dhiya Mirjan

Resonable urban planning requires GIS facilities to analyze, control , and update the existance land use for insuring the implementation process of the master plan ,this should be tracked and evaluated in each stage to detect any problems in the implementation process and recognize any planning failures to avoid in the next planning process. Till 2000 there were no significant evaluation studies of Baghdad ís Master Plan and the implementation process itself was not tracked. The case study compares and evaluates the Master Plan with the existing status in the year 2000 using GIS to locate spatially unimplemented projects and unplanned developments of land use and to define the problems to be faced in future plans.

Dhiya Mirjan
Baghdad University
Baghdad , ? ?
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E-mail: drmirjan@yahoo.com