Five Decades of Historic Archaeology and Cultural Sites of Wah-ho-gah
Track: Tribal/Indigenous GIS programs
Author(s): Danette Johnson, Anthony Brochini, Sandra Gaskell

While the NPS held scoping meetings in Wah-ho-gah Village with tribal participation, the Southern Sierra Miwuk Tribal GIS mapping system began an inventory of cultural resources and sacred sites. Chronology and practical activities of daily living such as contemporary bedrock mortars in context with the ancient mortar usage, leaching basins, fish and game hunting, automotive repair, and life in general in the New Indian Village, will be studied as part of the historic component of the CA-MRP-305 investigations from the 2008 fieldwork. Ethnography of the Tribe and by the Tribe can interpret historic features and artifacts post archaeological work. Tribal monitors work concurrently with archaeological projects throughout the territory. Wah-ho-gah Village in Yosemite began the planning phase in 1980, and fieldwork was completed during the summer of 2008 for compliance in order to build the new Roundhouse ceremonial complex to be used by the Tribe.

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