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Enterprise Asset Management Using GIS
Track: Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater
Author(s): Darlene Magold Scott, Roger Loomis

The City of Newark, Ohio created a web-based interface that seamlessly links asset management software (gbaMasterSeries) with ArcGIS Server to allow users to geographically create and access work orders and service requests. With this application, multiple users can locate and access asset information in real time through a common base map using intelligent infrastructure management tools. Functionality includes: creating work orders and service requests from an XY location or a selected set of assets; displaying infrastructure data from gbaMasterSeries through a web-based map selection; accessibility of work orders from gbaMasterSeries through a web-based map selection; navigation to a location on the map from a selected asset or work order in gbaMasterSeries and utilization of enhanced ArcGIS Server tools such as geocoding, geoprocessing and printing. This application allows City personnel throughout all departments to efficiently and accurately analyze infrastructure information for everyday use as well as in emergencies.

Darlene Magold Scott
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Roger Loomis
City of Newark Water/Wastewater
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