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Video Solution Shines in Miami-Dade County's Asset Inventory Project
Track: Public Works
Author(s): Jason Dong, Nasif Alshaier

Miami-Dade County, Public Works Department has been searching for a solution to their massive roadway asset inventory needs. In this past year, the County's public works department commenced on a project to perform a county-wide video inventory and collect various transportation related asset data using the video images. The project successfully used an image-based asset tracking approach to develop inventories of signs, sidewalks, and ADA access points. In additional to collecting the data, the condition inspection was also carried out using the images for the assets. The data collected has been integrated with a work order management system tracking the issues to be resolved and store the installation and maintenance history. The video images were also published with ArcIMS mapping service on the county Intranet to provide easy access to all enterprise users. The image-based asset inventory system operates within ArcGIS. County users click on the asset items in the photos to create ArcGIS point and line features into a GeoDatabase. The integration of photos with ArcGIS allows Miami-Dade County to complete a countywide videolog and use the videolog to complete needed asset inventories and pavement rating. Each of the created asset records can be validated using the captured photo. Without the innovative use of GIS and images, the cost of this project could be several times higher.

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