Web Based Bicycle Trip Planning for Broward County, Florida
Track: Application Development
Author(s): Hartwig Hochmair, Jennifer Fu

To promote the use of bicycle transportation mode in times of increasing traffic congestion and single-occupancy vehicle use, Broward County MPO funded the development of a Web based trip planner for cyclists.

This presentation demonstrates innovative integration of the ArcGIS Server 9.3 environment with Esri JavaScript APIs and the ArcGIS JavaScript extension for the Google Maps API. This allows the use of Google mashup GIS functionality, i.e., Google local search for selection of trip start, trip destination, and intermediate waypoints, and the integration of Google Maps base layers. The Network analyst extension is used for the route search, where the user can select between fastest, safest, simplest, most scenic, and shortest route.

This presentation also describes how ArcObjects has been used to customize underlying network sources to achieve the search for optimized routes. Challenges in the integration of data and services are discussed.

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