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New Methodologies in Cartography Education Using GIS and Information Technology
Track: Education
Author(s): Luz Angela Rocha

The education in engineering is a permanent research topic, even the challenges of the twenty first century professionals, and its role at the national development.

From the conceptual point, the advantage of the dynamic progress of the technology, is the creation of new methodologies for the education of the future engineers.

The research Project ¨The Information Technology as an important tool for education in Geomatics¨ was focused from the conceptual point of view of the relationship between Geodesy and Cartography matters, using GIS software, and implementing new learning methodologies for the students.

The results shown the Technology Information including GIS tools for teaching concepts on Mathematic cartography, are very useful and essential, because them allow to get a better understanding in this matters to students involved in the project.

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