Data Stewardship Using a Lightweight Desktop Editor
Track: Defense and Intelligence
Author(s): Richard Olivieri

The USAF Air Combat Command

GeoBase (ACC/A7ZG) program is the primary provider of geospatial data, imagery, and web mapping services for over 200 garrison and expeditionary locations via the Global Combat Support System (GCSS-AF) portal. ACC GeoBase supports Civil Engineering and many other functional users with the creation, maintenance, display, and distribution of GIS data across the USAF enterprise. Many of these users require the ability to manage their spatial data layers without the high cost of software or GIS technicians.

ACC has fielded the GeoBase Desktop Toolkit (GDT), an ArcEngine application that gives users most of the functionality of ArcGIS at a fraction of the cost. For the price of an ArcEngine runtime license, data stewards can create and edit feature classes, create maps, connect to ArcSDE, and export data. The development history, user requirements, functions, and deployment of GDT version 2 will be covered in this presentation.

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