GIS-Based Forest Seed Deployment Tracking over Time and Space
Track: Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management
Author(s): Michael Meitner, Leslie McAuley, Yousry El-Kassaby, Chen DING

British Columbia's (BC) forests are in the midst of dramatic changes as a result of the mountain pine beetle epidemic and in response to climate change. To assist managers in planning for increased forest resilience in the face of these issues we have developed effective methods to track how genetically enhanced seed stock has been distributed throughout the province. Proper management of our forest's genetic diversity is critical to foster the long-term sustainability of social, ecological and economic benefits. We present a GIS-based method for visualizing seed deployment over time and space. This project focuses on a historical analysis of plantings within interior spruce silviculture openings from 1995 to 2004, with spatial assessments at the seed orchard level. This forms the basis for a decision support system aiming at developing seed deployment strategies that address current forest development targets.

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