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Field Variability Determination of Soil Texture Using Electromagnetic Induction
Track: Agriculture
Author(s): Victoria Deycard, Wayne Hudnall

Variations in soil texture have a direct effect on physical and chemical processes that take place within soil. If there is a significant amount of variability, the classification of textural differences in the field needs to be made so that soil sampling and agricultural applications can take these inherent differences into account for improved effiency. The objective of this study was to produce an Electromagnetic induction (EMI) survey map of an integrated livestock-forage-cotton system and a continuous cotton monoculture system to determine field textural variations with relation to soil texture. The EMI survey gave an accurate and thorough description of field variability. Results were compared to randomly collected soil samples of each system. It was concluded that although there were slight variations in EMI data recorded in the field, it was not a result of textural differences.

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