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U.S. Army Sustainable Range Program (SRP) GIS Overview
Track: Defense and Intelligence
Author(s): Jason Walters

The Sustainable Range Program (SRP) GIS Program provides geospatial information capabilities at all echelons of the SRP and supports Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM), Range Operations, Range Modernization, and their components. These programs, in turn, directly support the Soldiers that train on U.S. Army ranges and training lands.

The SRP GIS Mission is to create, analyze, manage, and distribute authoritative standardized geospatial information, products, and services for the execution of training strategies and missions on U.S. Army ranges and training lands. Supported by SRP GIS Professionals trained in the most current releases of GIS software, the SRP GIS Program strives to provide the SRP Community, Trainers, and Soldiers with the ability to leverage accurate and complete datasets through easily accessible and user-friendly products and applications.

This presentation will provide an overview of the SRP GIS Program and will highlight program goals and objectives.

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