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Natural Resources Geo-database as Support Tool for Boundaries
Track: Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affairs
Author(s): Francisco Igualada

The creation of a Natural Resources DB for supporting International boundary

analysis is an important tool to support other Cartographic Section initiatives like

the UN boundary database. Therefore, a

schema is being created composed by an initial concept of 4-tiers or sub-DB linked to

an Master Natural Resources Database (Mineral, Oil/Gas,

Water, Land Use/Agriculture).

Understanding natural resources in potential boundary conflict areas is important for

providing geoinformation input for political and or peacekeeping or peace building

decisions. For the initial prototype a basic plan is laid down using a number of preselected

test sites and schemas in coordination with the Cartographic Section

boundary experts. The project will aim to add sound geospatial analysis

to the boundary related crises feeding various external databases and collateral

sources. Hence, Cartographic Section can timely respond to queries linked

to Natural Resources of economic interest in boundary negotiations for the

prevention of crises in Africa.

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