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How to Build a Land Administration System Using GIS
Track: Surveying
Author(s): Leslie Cone

Land administration in a multipurpose cadastre characterized by a multiuser environment and increasing demand for better and faster services and information. Traditional land administration systems separated the management of the land rights (titles, records) from the spatial management. This presentation will discuss how GIS can be utilized to fill the gap between record management and survey based cadastre. Additionally we will demonstrate how GIS can be used to:

• Automate the process to generate geometries and land descriptions

• Detect missing / incorrect data

• Provide better and faster services to decision makers and the public

• Help enforce policies and standardize workflows

The BLM’s National Integrated Land System (NILS) will be used to illustrate how an enterprise GIS system can provide a business solution to land managers who face an increasingly complex environment of complicated transactions, legal challenges, and deteriorating and difficult-to-access records.

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