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Arc Hydro/GWIS Datasets at the Watershed and Enterprise Levels
Track: Water Resources
Author(s): Gordon McClung

The Southwest Florida Water Management District currently maintains a custom ArcHydro database called the “Geographic Watershed Information System” (GWIS). File-based geodatabases are used for managing watershed-level information ranging from simple features, such as watershed boundaries and catchments to complex hydro-networks and hydraulic element points. Watershed-level databases also manage the complex relationships between the networks (hydro and model) and sub-elements. Because enterprise-level users would be overwhelmed by the detail in the watershed-level geodatabases, only the essential feature classes and relationships were brought into the enterprise geodatabase. A key task for the data migration into the enterprise geodatabase was to maintain and/or re-assign HydroIDs and various related IDs when imported from the original watershed-level geodatabases. Customized routines and procedures were constructed to assist in this process.

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