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Mashing Building Information Models (BIM) with GIS
Track: Facilities Management
Author(s): Kerry Himes, Kimon Onuma

This session will demonstrate real time collaboration and visualization of data for a large facility. A BIM Model server, ArcGIS Server, and Google Earth will demonstrate how data ranging from the interior of buildings with equipment to a large site with multiple buildings can be visualized in real time as many users enter and manipulate data.

The planning of new buildings and management of existing facilities is not a static process. Understanding site constraints is the first step when proposing new development. By overlaying GIS layers with OPS, design teams have the ability to analyze the site through spatial queries and calculate the potential pitfalls prior to full design/engineering ultimately minimizing impacts and identifying potential mitigation costs. A mash up of ArcGIS Server, Onuma Planning System (OPS) Model Server, and Google Earth to manage this large scale project will be demonstrated live.

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